Monday, December 27, 2010

Much over due

I can't believe I haven't posted since convention!

At any rate, I finished fall term. Longest 10 weeks of my life... ever!

Went to Red Bluff... I worked Saturday and Sunday. 3300 rabbits.... great people, great show! I don't exactly know my results, but I do know my martens took BOB all 4 shows, and Wall E won BOSV in show D. Also got some 1sts in the other shows.

Litters! After the recent catastrophes with the birthing problems, low numbers and does missing, I now have some on the ground and on the way!

Silver Martens:
Maddy & Badger - 7 on 12/26
Pyro & MGD - 8 on 12/26
*have 5 or 6 blues, rest are black

Checkered Giant:
Robin & Bruce -- due today :)

Mini Lops:
Montana x Hank Tank - due 12/29
Lettuce x Hank Tank - due 12/29 or 1/18
Brianna x Casper - due 1/18
Rylee x Casper - due 1/18
Lila x Zeus - due 1/21?

Have less than a week of vacation left. I return to school on Saturday. I won't be bringing many up to Corvallis. Don't have much to show and everything else is bred or on a litter.

CDA is coming up on 1/15. I am making the long trip to work for my license. Will have to flip a coin to decide who. Good lineup! I will probably only show 3 rabbits, I will have others showing for me so I want to make it easy :)

After CDA is a road trip for the Or cattlemens assc, then St Helens rabbit show, then going to Denver, CO for a cattle convention... after that I'm not sure whats on my calendar but I do have march shows planned. Just not sure which ones yet :)

Going to establish some 2011 goals... I didn't really set much last year and this year surprised me... in many ways. :) Will get them posted as soon as I figure it out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Convention Purchase

I've always sold for conventions, I've never purchased.

Back when I thought Maddy & Pyro were bred, I figured to purchase a buck for later use. So I decided to purchase from either Tex Thomas or the Riddles, but I discovered I had plenty of Riddles lines in my does, so I went with Tex Thomas.

It was an easy ordeal, I simply put in my reservation, paid the rest for convention and a few days after convention ended I traveled north to pick up my buck.

Keep in mind this picture is after he traveled over 2500 miles, but hes in great condition, just didn't want to be messed with that much! He traveled well, eats good & I can't wait to get him home to get my black doe bred to him!

Hopefully we will have some Marten babies on the ground when I go home for Thanksgiving, Pyro is due 11/24 to MGD.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Yelm, Convention & more

Yelm show was a BLAST!
I did not work for my judges license, I transported sale & convention rabbits, I hung out with good friends, and I came home with a ML doe.

Hank Tank won BOSB in Show B, 4th leg. Rudolph's MGD won BOSB in A & B.
Jill's Black Dutch doe won BOB in A, and honorable mention in show.
Terisa & Jeff won BOB with their Checkers in A & B and RIS in show B.

Melinda & Lea Ann left with Shonna Ausborne to go to Convention. From there they are going to Tennessee.
Theodore left with Scott to get shipped out to go to Vermont.

Started today.
Melinda won 5th of 88 BSD's. Keep in mind she is 4 years old, has had 4 or 5 litters, 2 this year, and got weaned off her last litter on 10/23. She's a doe, that's for sure. But best wishes to Amy Terry!
Velotta's Twitch got 3rd of 69? BSB's. We have some good offspring of him, so congrats Nicole!

Other than that, school is just rollin on by. Week 7 started today. I am registering for my next terms classes soon and have it all figured out, figured out that I will have NO life.

I am missing the Monroe, WA show next month, so my next show wont be until mid December unfortunately.

I have Pyro & Lila due on Thanksgiving. I hope to get a bunch of other does bred then as well!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The story of the Uglies

~ 8 weeks... Looking good right?
8/16 - He was a JERK to pose. The whole inability to pose was the sole reason I almost didnt decide to keep him.
8/2 - Here he stopped posing at all, and I was only able to get a head shot.
9/12 - Hank refused to pose in show A, but show B, the judge worked with him a little bit and got a glance of him. He won BOSB under Kevin Stanford.
His head shot at 4.5 months :)

LHHR's Hank Tank looking good! This was the night before the show.
In A he won 1st of 8 under Roger Hassenpflug, and in B he won BOSB under Tracy Gouette.

He is now an RGC in just 2 shows. The shortest GC earned for me in quite some time. I am just so proud of my new little herd buck. I would have never imagined the Kitsemble's Melinda & LHHR's/Velotta's Matthew cross would turn out so good :) I can't wait to get some does bred to him!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Albany ... success

Hurried to the barn Friday afternoon after my test.

1200 Entries. 8 specialty shows each with pleasing numbers. LOTS of out of state breeders, GREAT quality rabbits. Success? Very much so :) Huge kudos to TCRBA and Jeff & Terisa Silbernagel for running a SMOOTH show, no problems!

I worked with Jeff Jewett on Saturday. Thanks to Sara Marshall/MoonWillow Rabbitry for showing my Mini Lops for me :) Hank got 1/8 in A, and BOSB in B. He picked up his 2nd & 3rd legs to Grand! Lila got BOSV in A for a leg.

I dropped off Madonna. I picked up Casper, my new Holland Buck General Lee, and a new Silver Marten buck. The Marten buck is especially docile, and I am very happy to breed that into my does.

Headed home on the 22nd to breed some rabbits, pick up some convention sales & transport animals.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Rough times

I already miss home, school is life, and the bunny life is rough. Plus the disgusting weather is creeping closer, yielding for some sour moods.

School. Hate my classes, dislike my professors and there is nothing to "look forward to" for the next 9 weeks. Week 1 was rough, and this weekend was much appreciated.

The herd reduction is doing alright. I am down to 18, with some sold, and some bred. Most sadly, the Martens failed to produce, so now I am stuck with 2 open does, neither of which I can breed back, nor show. So I'm pretty depressed, ready to give up.

Mini Lop breedings, Lea Ann is due on the 9th, to Dominic. Brianna is due on the 12th to Twitch maybe. And for upcoming breedings, Rylee will be bred to Zeus and Lila to Theodore on the 23rd. Lila will go home, Theodore will head north. As far as other sales, we have one possibly pending, and one pending. If Lea Ann failed to take, I will be parting with her as well. The other juniors that will head back with me on the 24th trip are Wall E and Nemo, who are Rylee & Melinda jr does. I also have space to bring up 1 or 2 more, but I will keep them open for now.

I am transporting for reputable breeders to the Convention pickup. I am not advertising my trip because I only need to cover my gas, which isn't that much because I'm only traveling 4 hours. I may also be traveling with a friend, which will cut gas expenses in half.

My next show is Albany, OR on 10/15-16. I'm not exactly sure what I am doing with the show just yet, whether working and showing and whatnot. Either way, its in my backyard so I have to attend, and I have no other commitments for that weekend.

That is about all of the rabbit news... except that I am brining home an addition on the 30th :) I don't want to jinx anything, so I am keeping my mouth shut for now!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My last 2 weeks of freedom!

Thanks to Tracy & Sara for letting Nicole and I sleep on your floor. We'll make reservations next time, ha ha!

In the A Show, Nicole won BOB with Nell. In the B show, I won BOSB with Hank Tank. My Checkered Giant was the only one, but I entered him for breed exposure only. Jill's blue Dutch doe won BOB both shows. Nicole & Sarah's Silver Marten by Pyro won Reserve in Show in B. Not too shabby right?

I also picked up my Silver Martens; Pyro and Maddy. They are bred to super Arson. I can't thank Sarah & Nicole enough for doing that for me. Hopefully, if they take & kindle successfully, I should have a good start to the breed. I am picking up a junior Marten at Convention from a breeder to be discussed later ;)
I also picked up a colored ML buck, from Becky Jones. He is a GC Bkn Opal, who isn't too shabby. I can't wait to breed Rylee to him :)

I picked up 6 plastic J feeders from Tracy. I needed them for my stacker in Corvallis. Jill was kind enough to make space in her barn so I don't have to do the 6 hour RT drive to pick up rabbits to show at the northern shows.

I have 20 holes at home. Here is what should be staying there :


Brianna – due 10/11

Lea Ann – due 10/9

Wall E



Maddy – due 10/1

Pyro – due 10/1

Robin (DOB 3/19)

Bruce (DOB 4/8)

For my 6 holes in Corvallis:

Hank & Lila


Melinda & Nemo


After culling, I should have 10 holes open to grow out juniors in. That is without sales, so if I sell what I have for sale, that should give me an additional 3-4 holes or so.

So.... that's really the lay down before I start my 3rd year of college. I'm only taking 12 credits, but they are grueling, so if I don't post often, you'll know what I'm up to :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ready to go!

A lot has happened since my last post.

Most importantly, I worked my first 2 shows last weekend at Crescent City.

I didn't enter any Mini Lops, there simply was no competition. I worked under Randy and Allen, where both days were equally stressful, I learned a lot and walked away a happy kid.

Tuesday I packed my car. It included 3 double stackers knocked down. a 4 hole, 3 3 holers, and a single. Plus feed, my duffle bag me and lots of other misc. things.

I put my cages together Wednesday afternoon. It didn't take me all that long, but when the night was done, my lops were in their cages, fed, watered and happy.

Today I reorganized my car, got my stuff ready for the weekend.

Leaving for La Grande tomorrow. Dropping off some Satins and picking up some Mini Lops before I get on I-205. Once you get on I-84 the scenery is BORING and so I have my tunes selected for a solo 5 hour drive over to the east side.

I'm showing 2 Mini Lops, a Checkered Giant and 3 Dutch for Jill. Dropping off some EL, picking up some HL. I probably won't head down south until Monday mid morning, so in the meantime I will work on my cages and groom some bunnies.

I am picking up a new ML buck from Becky Jones and 2 Silver Martens from Sarah & Nicole. I also bred Lea Ann to Dominic yesterday... so will have lots of litters upcoming!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home is where the heart is

I've been home for a week now, hard to believe.

Friday I took my final, I did so well & was just entirely happy to be done.
I sold my car that afternoon.
Saturday morning I went down & got a new car. I drive the one home I wanted from the start :)

Sunday & Monday were primarily to relax even though both of those were filled with work.

Tuesday I went down to county fair. I went all day Wednesday to help out. I even got to pick Best in Show. I skipped Thursday, I had to get other things done. I went all day friday and half of Saturday. Through this week I discovered that I am getting old, that just two years away from fair is too much and I needed conditioning! I surely missed it though but had such good times :)

Saturday I did some judging stuff. Today I used what I learned and went through my litters again. I started with 10, ended up with 3. 2 broken does from Briana and 1 solid doe from Madonna.

Rylee is doing good with her litter. Finally out of the box and active.

Melinda! I put her box in on the 18th, rather late as she was due the 19th. She never attempted to nest, pull fur, no blood or placenta. She is on a 3rd level cage, so I never checked up on her because I simply thought she missed. I'm willing to admit that, everyone makes mistakes.
I went to remove her box today AND.... she has 2 babies. A solid and a broken. Since I never bumped her feed up, they are rather small/weak, but I'm hoping now that I know that they are there, they will get a good feeding tonight and start improving. I'd hate to lose them.

It's odd for Melinda, her only having 2. And not making any attempt at a nest. It has been cooler weather and she is a 5 time great mom, so I'm not sure what's up!

Just doing some show planning and trying to reduce numbers still. I lost my convention transport so I have some animals in need of quicker sale.

That's all I have for now. I will be busy with cleaning the barn(s) and regular life these next few weeks, but I thought I would update!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1.5 weeks left!

Almost done with summer session. Took midterm 2 today, so that leaves me with my final next Friday. I probably won't rush home, but I'm certainly anxious to get back :)

I went home this last weekend. I culled out 13, 4 older juniors and 9 babies. Madonna has 6 of hers, and 4 of Brianna's. Giving Bri a break in hopes of showing her in the near future.

Hank Tank & Grizz are going through some junior uglies. I put them in bottom cages and told myself I wouldn't look at them for 2 weeks (which I can't!)

Rylee is due today. I am quite positive she is waiting for cooler weather, though I am very anxious and nervous for her!

2 seniors leave on Sunday, that will give me a few more holes to work with.

and.... still working on this judging work stuff... I wish superintendents would get back to me, so that is my biggest struggle right now.

I bought 2 silver marten does. I'll pick them up next month.

The website went under a complete overhaul, so did the blog. So you should check it out :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4 more weeks to freedom!

I passed the first section of Organic Chemistry. It was a brutal 4 weeks.

I celebrated by going HOME and seeing my bunnies! I was able to sell 3, and get a peek at my 19 babies. I have 3 to cull, and will cull all of the bucks of my 19 babies -- because I am SO buck heavy. I don't even want to be tempted with them.

I have a really nice Broken Junior buck for sale out of Melinda :)

I bred Melinda to Dominic. I really wanted her to be bred to Dream Maker before he leaves, but he just would not breed! Oh well.

I am in the process of deciding on who I want to work with, and figuring out what shows they will be at and what shows I can attend. So far, it looks like I could finish around Feb 2011. It would also only involve going to California 3 times.... lol

I have 4 more weeks of school. I'm already stressed out just 2 days into it, but I hope that it goes well :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I passed my ARBA judges test :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Homestretch Rant / Rave

Just one week of O-Chem 1 left. 3 days of lecture, review & final on Friday morning. I'm doing reasonably well... I'm certainly not going to get an A, but I have met my minimum goal, and with this series, that's all I can hope for!

Tomorrow I am headed to a friends to relax and register some rabbits.
Sunday morning I am headed to a nice breeder's barn to register some more rabbits.

All 19 of my babies are still alive and doing well in the heat. It really makes me happy when I have big thriving litters, but at the same time its stressful worrying about them and always having to worry about cage space and feed bills. There will be lots of culling going on, sad, but it has to happen for the improvement of the herd. Some people do not understand this logic. There is a difference between successful culling & regular culling, and culling successfully takes you a lot farther in the rabbit hobby these days.

My last rave is, if you haven't looked at the May/June issue of Domestic Rabbits yet, DO SO. It's more than excellent & improved.

The above are my raves.
Now for my rants.

For those of you who are wondering, no, I do not know the results of my judges test yet. I do know, from a breeder who called the office, that they did not pass, and that only one of the five applicants passed. That increases my chances to 25%, but I honestly don't think I passed, especially after hearing about the politics of the oral examination. For any of you considering to be registrars or future judges, I warn you... don't do it unless you are 100% dedicated and serious about it.

I have heard a LOT of youth say that they want to get their registrar's license, and I have heard a lot of the reasons being for the title and or to register their own rabbits. That is NOT a reason to become a registrar or judge and you will fail if you have that outlook on it.
It is something you something you earn and achieve because you deserve it.

I have also heard a lot of people say "Oh just re-take it" next time will be a piece of cake.
This is probably my biggest pet-peeve. One, it's expensive to retake it. Sure the re-take fee is only $50. But since our states are so large, arranging an exam and TRAVELING to the exam is expensive. It has been the theme that these are done at state conventions. The next one isn't until next year, and you must wait at least 6 months to retake it. I could see the earlies re-take being at Frozen Friends if they allow it. I spent a lot of money just to take mine at Ellensburg, and I transported to offset the costs of it. Two, it won't be a piece of cake the next time you take it. You get a different exam each time. They are equally as hard. Just because you pass one the first time, doesn't mean you will pass it the next. Who knows, the next time you could fail the oral! and Third, as I found out the hard way, they throw curve-balls at you, and even when you think you can/or have passed, you don't. I don't understand the whole thing still, when I figure it out, I'll let you know.

I do know that, the exams were mailed today. Which means I could hear as early as Wednesday, or as late as next Friday. I am saddened by the delay, and the time it has taken ARBA to get materials mailed back, but I am not going to be a sour member and complain. I can't understand the economy or the lack of hands/people and I respect the organization I belong to. I have heard a lot of members trash the office back in Bloomington because it takes them 4-6 weeks to get a registration back, or 8 weeks to get a membership card. Sorry folks... shit happens. Get used to it.

Voting ballots come out July 15th. Mail them in ASAP. Don't wait until the deadline.

I don't want to stray your decisions, I want you to make an educated vote, read the articles in the DM or see the wonderful website off the ARBA link.

I am voting for Mike Avesing for ARBA President
I am undecided yet on Vice President. I know Joey personally, yet I think Erik is very qualified/has lots of energy & new ideas to fullfill the position.
For District one, undoubtedly I hope that you vote for Roger Hassenpflug. I sure hope I don't have to explain that one.

That's all I have :) Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 5, 2010

300th post!

I just want to brag that it's my 300th post in oh.... in 4 years. Sad? Much so.

I have completely updated the website. I didn't have time to do it, but I did it anyways.
I have the new Checkered Giant page up and a page up for Convention Sales.

Madonna had 9 babies to Dominic. And Brianna (the smallest doe in my barn) had 10 babies. Pretty even distribution of solids & brokens.

I also bred Rylee to Stitch on the 3rd. I am very excited for this, and hope Stitch is not sterile :D

I spent Saturday making a run for the Checkered Giants and making their cages higher. I also went on a feed run, so my one day home was well worth spent.

Waiting to hear back from ARBA. Once I do, I'll know if I'm staying home these next weekends or get to head to Monroe.

That's all. Back to studying!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Washington State Convention

WOW. What a weekend.
Thursday night I left for my barn, and to pick up some transport rabbits and culls. I fit about 25 rabbits in my car comfortably, which was pretty impressive! I put them in Jill's barn for the evening and left Friday around 1. I got stuck in traffic in Salem, Wilsonville and when I got on I-205 there was an accident. I was about an hour and a half behind I figured. Somehow, I still made it there around 6:40, unloaded my rabbits and attended the judges conference. That night I set up my tent, studied for an hour and tried sleeping. Tried, being the key word.

Saturday, I made the whole effort of waking up at 5 am, had breakfast at 6. Fed/watered rabbits. Figured out and exchanged all my transports. Bought my checkers, a new carrier, Susie's ND buck, and did all that before 9 am. Took my test. That took a whole 2 hours. I was then able to show my Mini Lops.
Rylee was 5th of 21 in A, 1st & BOSV in B
Lea Ann was 3rd of 22 & 6th of 18.

There were about 150 Mini Lops entered (2000 for the whole show)

I wasn't even out of my test a whopping 25 minutes before I experienced the lowest filth of rabbit exhibitor conduct in my whole 11 years. These people know who they are, what they have done, the enemies they have created and the fools they have made of themselves.

At any rate, Velotta's Nell won BOB in show A. The Posey's chestnut buck won BOSB in show B.

My Checkered's... My new buck was 3rd in his class, and my doe, was 2nd in her class. She ended up beating the doe that the Silbernagel's are keeping. I am very happy with my purchase and my new direction. I can't thank Jeff & Terisa enough for this beautiful pair!

I culled out 2 Mini's, and I managed to come home with no new rabbits except for the new breed.

My trip home was entirely painful. I was hoping to get out of there around 10, but I was leaving WA around noon. That is after I had to pump my own gas. :)

Got stuck behind an accident/fire on I-84. I had to keep the AC on but when I had to shut off we were in the shade of semi trucks. I made it HOME before 9 pm, and then got into Corvallis about 12:40 this morning. I woke up at 7, so I didn't get a whole lot of sleep :(

Took my o-chem test at 10. If all goes well, I might go home Friday. I need to work on my checker run and cages, look at my new babies that are due soon, breed Rylee and perhaps another doe.

The website is currently being updated. Then it's back to studying!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


WA State is next weekend. Test is in 8 days. Am I prepared? Slightly. I won't ever feel 100% prepared.

I have only entered 3 for WA State. Rylee, who is still holding that darned coat! Lea Ann, who looks very nice, and Compulsive Addiction, who is loosing his junior coat, but his new coat is coming in nicely. I don't think that should affect much... I am so happy with my replacements for Kristie, I don't feel bad for parting with her now :)

I am home from school, been here since Sunday night. I haven't really accomplished much except relaxation.

Today though, I got my rear in gear and cleaned half the barn. I cleaned all my carriers and equipment. I got out my tent, chairs and sleeping bag for WA State. Got the 5 big holes burned, scrubbed and pressure-washed. I have the two 6 holes and the one 9 hole'r left for tomorrow, but it was so nice getting those cages back and ready to use.

After all the cages get burned, scrubbed and pressure-washed tomorrow and put back in, I'll then blow out the auto-water line and get it hooked back up. It's due for a cleaning.

I spent a good portion of the morning building a run in the rabbitry for the Checkered Giant I am getting from the Silbernagels. I've always wanted one, but never had the gusto to actually go ahead with it. Owning a wooled breed inspired me to try something new out.... I think it will be an especially good experience to get a taste with the running breeds (which to be quite honest... I don't have a lot of hands on time with them).

I am getting some Dutch and Thrianta experience this weekend. I was also supposed to get really good Holland experience but I have postponed that until after WA State convention.

It's all a funny story, because I didn't forsee myself going for this goal until after college. But, college has been SO rough lately I need something to look forward to!

On the topic of looking forward, my juniors from Melinda amaze me! It was definitely a good cross, because I just can't get over this litter! Since Melinda is older, I won't feel bad if this is the last litter from her, though if she stays in good condition, I'd like to try one more time! I don't know if that would be greedy though.
Of the 7, I had a hard time cutting the litter in half. I was able to throw out a chestnut doe & buck, they were not "as nice" as their siblings. 1 Broken doe I am holding that I promised to a local breeder friend.2 Broken does, I like one over the other, but the second best doe is still really nice too.The Broken buck, is very nice! I want someone to buy him and respect him.
The Chestnut buck, OMG! I told myself I "had to atleast take a look at him, and not judge him by the fact it's a buck". Jaw dropped, he's gourgeous and I am keeping him!

I weaned Obnoxious's litter somewhat early. OBN is leaving on Friday to Karin Vail and I wanted to make sure her litter of 8 was well on it's own. So the 5 I'm not keeping are in with the 2 I'm not keeping from Melinda's litter and the 3 I am keeping have a cage to themselves.

Madonna & Brianna are fat, I can't wait to give them their boxes when I come home!

I'll be getting pictures before I leave, that is after the barn is spotless :) I'm sore, but tomorrow will be even worse!

I don't have anything else to add, other than trying to figure out how to fit all these rabbits in my car, moving my new roomate in on Sunday, and starting school on Monday... one week break was just NOT enough!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just thinking

Topic: early culling / not growing out every rabbit in a litter

Rylee was the ugliest baby at 10-12 weeks. Deciding between her and her sister was hard because they each had their ugly parts, and deciding which was worse was hard!

She was ugly until about 6 months. Then she blossomed. How? I don't know.

Her parent's weren't that spectacular. I just bred the doe to the buck because he was being sold. Her parents were half siblings (both had the same sire).

She is now a (colored) 2 x Best in Show Winner (both at big shows/ with incredible breeders exhibiting (Betty Chu, Shumaker/Mesick, Webb, Peralta, Cathy S, etc)

If she doesn't win (BOB), it's mostly because she's under a judge who doesn't know where the points lay in ML's. Oh "this doe is "soft" in condition". Condition is 5 points out of 100. The icing on the cake. But when the animal who wins clearly is not as good in General Type (80 points) it makes you bang your head against a wall.

Rylee's show days are over with. She's now gotten a little soft in condition (no longer "tight"), but I know her type, her body are so irreplaceable. I will be breeding her after WA State Convention and will await her to give me her first litter. I had "bred" her in January to Stitch. I tried breeding her to Dream Maker when I got him. She hated him and smashed her butt on the cage floor. That was the good lord's sign that I needed to SHOW her so that she could bring me sheer happiness. It's Rylee, and her success this year that has drug me out of the hole of nearly selling out last November!

Now, almost didn't keep anything in Rylee's litter. Infact I culled everything but her sister because I had her sold. She now lives in WA somewheres. So does her mom, Mia. Her dad lives in CA with Bob Tapp. If I ever want Mason back I can get him from Bob (or any of his offspring, I currently have a Mason daughter).

How many of these early culls, would have gone on to be big winners like this? I almost culled Rylee, but I didn't because I felt the urge to keep "something" in the litter so it wasn't a "waste".

I went through one of my old CD's and pulled off pics of their Grandsire Keepsake, mom Mia, dad Mason and baby pictures of Rylee. The rabbit in the top of the post. Yeah, that's Rylee!!!

What was I thinking, right? :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty much done!

I have a final tomorrow, but I can fail it or get an A on it, and still get a B in the class. So I'm just going to relax a little since there's nothing really I can do about it.

I passed Stats (a relief!), got A's all so far. I'm pretty alright with how things turned out.

Oregon State Convention!
Was alright I suppose. Judges weren't great in A & B. In C Rylee won 1st & BOV. I'm not exactly sure why the Broken doe beat her, but I'm over the complaining stage, she's won far too much for myself to care. Compulsive Addiction won 3rd in his class! Lea Ann won her class of 9 or 10. The judge loved her and saw her promise!

I got rid of Sid, and came home with a little chestnut jr doe. (and my mom bought a Chinchilla, not the color but the rodent) I was able to get out of there early enough to make it back home before dark.

My next show is Washington State Convention. I entered 3. The same from this weekend. I am also camping. I can't afford a hotel, so $24 beats $200 :)

After tomorrow morning, I'm cracking down hard to study for my judges exam. I've never been so worked up about a test before, academic or not!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I can almost taste it!

Just one lab tomorrow and 4 classes on Friday left!

After my last class on Friday, I'm flying south for the Oregon State Convention. This is the first year it hasn't been in Newport and it will feel weird not going to the coast. I entered Rylee in all 3 shows, and I entered Compulsive Addiction and Lea Ann in Sunday only. I can't afford much, and they are still young.

Oaks Park was decent! Vern Palmblad judged the A show so Tricia & Coley won with their buck Alf. Rylee won Best of Breed in show B under Cliff Dick. She got mentioned for BIS, but she's just too soft after being shown so much! The Satin that won was stunning though!

I picked up my bunnies from Emily. I missed Dominic more than I realized. Carly is a cute doe, older, proven, but I think she will re-coop well to where I can breed her soon. Thanks to Tricia for picking them up and bringing them down for me :)

I can't party too much this weekend, I have 2 finals on Monday. Monday night I need to take another final (flexible due date) but I want to work all day Tuesday so that would be my time to get it done and over with! I then don't have another final until Friday at 7:30 am. Talk about a weird finals week. I am sticking around for Graduation.... I then plan on going home for a little bit. Summer session starts back up June 21st. Too soon; 1 week is NOT enough!

Above is a beautiful sunset that caught my eye while studying. :D

Website is updated. All new pictures/info.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Obnoxious has 8 babies, not 7. 4 solids, 4 brokens. They sound like steels :D

Rylee is housed at Jill Pfaff's barn until State Convention. I visited her yesterday and she looks like she is settling in well.

I turned in my application for Steer A Year. I am running for the Foreman position.
Tomorrow are elections for Agricultural Executive. I am running for Director of Correspondence, Public Relations Officer or the New Fields Editor... but I hope to get New Fields. I know it would be a LOT of work, but I think it's a great opportunity and would be something completely new.

I also received an invitation to the Celebrating Student Excellence dinner; I applied for a scholarship through the College of Ag and this is what this is for.... so I'm pretty excited about that. If I get elected for Ag Exec I'll have to go anyways. That would be the Thursday before I leave for Oaks Park.

Speaking of Oaks Park, I have entered Rylee in the double open. I'm just going to go for a few hours, hopefully pick up some bunnies? We'll see about that.
I will spend the rest of the Saturday in Canby at the Spring Classic as a part of the Clackmas County Stockman's Association. Some of my 4-Her's decided they wanted to participate this year, which means I have go go.

I am still figuring out Oregon State Convention entries. All I know is I'm entering Rylee and would like to enter Lea Ann & Compulsive Addiction, potentially Puerto Viejo if he comes out of his uglies. I'll have to wait and see how big they are in a week or so though. I need to save money.

Saving money.... Hardly possible when I am sending out my judges application here soon. I have it completed, sitting on my desk with the envelope addressed and stamped, but I have to fork out $100 to take the test. There is a $50 re-test fee. You talk about ridiculous. I am a broke college student... so it's been a hard decision to write the check. I need to do it soon though.

The website is 100% updated. Please check it out and let me know if you like the new look.

I have nothing else to report. Gotta get back to procrastinating!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yreka was last weekend. It was a blow other than Rylee's 1st place win in C. The judges weren't all that great, but I managed to sell a pair, register and have fun. I also watched a jackpot show!

Obnoxious kindled to 7 babies, on the 12th to Henry. Roxy never kindled ;(

Canby was today! Rylee was brought up by our friend Jennifer, and she ended up winning Best of Breed in A!!! There was a good amount of Mini's (70-80 or so) so it was all decent. She went up for BIS and she was a top contender but Judy Atchison's Mini Rex & Larry & Sharon Webb's Satin were just too hot to beat!

I got rid of another pair and managed to get home pretty early. Need to relax; have to get up early tomorrow. Another jackpot show!

Monday starts week 8... not ready for it at all. :(

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

to California this weekend!

Melinda had babies on the 25th, 6 or 7, I still havent heard back from my parents. Sired by Matthew.
Obnoxious is due on the 11th to Henry.
ROXY is due to SIDNEY on the 11th and from the sounds of it it looks like she took! I am uberly excited for this. I just wish I could be there :(

Rylee's success has kept me going with the rabbits. I honestly thought about selling out a couple times last fall, and I am sure glad I didn't! I've sent in my Yreka entry... I am showing Rylee in the Specialty and in the double open. I am also going to show Matthew in the double open as well.
A good friend Mary, will be taking Rylee down Friday evening for the specialty, I will arrive there a little late unfortunately. I have to go to an awards ceremony because I am receiving a scholarship from the Animal Sciences department! :)

OSU fall registration happens in a couple of weeks. I have to wait till the 24th for open registration for my summer courses. I still need to find a summer job, but I have put in some applications, and will put in some inquiries through the department to see if there is anything I'm not thinking of.... This fall I am taking Nutrition, Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Spanish & a Statistics lab. I am soooo not looking forward to that but life goes on. I am taking the Spanish to be very competitive for a internship that I want, and Spanish exposure is a crucial pre-req.
I got roped into doing Agricultural Executive next year, an officer position (which I don't know what I will get elected for), but either way, with this, my Steer A Year officer position, 4-H leader and my classes & everything else I have going on (club lambs, collegiate 4-H, judging, purebred cattle etc) I will an even busier kid with a lot more stress :(

I am VERY excited for Yreka this weekend. It will be a good relaxer... this term has been a killer! I have a midterm on Monday, but I've lost all hope for the class... so i'm hoping to get in some study time on Thursday and make do :(

Monday, April 26, 2010


Best in Show @ West Coast Classic! Picture from Betty Chu (Her blog is: Judges Roger Hassenpflug & April Wright. Matt Gholden (our good friend) stood in with Rylee.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best in Show! (again!)

LHHR's Rylee wins Best in Show in C at the West Coast Classic in Monterey, CA! Judges were April Wright & Roger Hassenpflug!

She went up for the "Best of the Best" table, but Alison Votaw's buck DeSurra's Gabriel (Youth BIS) won it :)

Thank you to Susie Cederlof & Jill Pfaff for showing & transporting her! You guys are the best! I will have pics as soon as Jill gets back home to Oregon!

Rylee also won BOSB in Show A & B. She is now a Grand Champion and has a couple more shows ahead of her!

I'm still on cloud nine! This is Rylee's third BIG win in TWO weeks! I am *very* thankful she didn't take to Stitch or Dream Maker (as I tried breeding her in January and March.....) I think that was the good lord's sign she needed to be shown!

Rylee's next show is a Triple Open in Yreka, CA on May 8th. Not very prestigious, but good competition for all breeds and a great showing of ML's every year. Two weeks! I can't wait! [And yes, I am making the LONG drive down on a Friday afternoon to get to northern CA on time for the breed specialty!]

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can taste the weekend!

Week 4 is almost to an end, just 3 more classes tomorrow!

It's been a long week. Lots of sheep stuff.... Birthed twins today and cleaned up the barn a little, amongst applying to the community college so I can take some summer classes, getting my scholarship application finished, homework, work, labs, job searching, midterms and taking care of some bunnies!

Rylee left for Monterey this afternoon. I am not really so excited anymore because I checked with Rita and there is an embarrassing number of ML's entered... I guess that really shows you everyone has pretty much sold out :( At any rate, I'm still very glad she gets to go.

Melinda got her box yesterday; she is due on the 24th. She was bred to Matthew... I bred him to her because it was complementary & at the time he was going to be leaving this weekend, but the buyer had some issues so he's still for sale! [A very nice buck I might add :)]

At some point next week I'll enter for the Yreka show. They accept pretty late entries so I'm not too worried (already know who I'm showing) and it will be a great showing at that, always lots of Mini's here. :) Plus there is a specialty! Woot!

Just powering through spring term... Can't believe we're almost half-way done :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A small break

3 weeks of classes done.
Very exhausted from work & extracurricular activities.

Midterms are coming. I have one Monday night and one Wednesday morning. I'm really not prepared for either one of them, so this post will be short.

Headed out the sheep farm for our 8-midnight shift. Get a 4 hour break and then do another from 4-8am. I also feed steers at 7am. It will be one long night/morning.

The good thing is I get to sleep in an extra hour on Monday!

Sent in my WCC entry. Can't believe its next weekend already!

Back to studying... well... to start studying I guess :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best in Show!

LHHR's Rylee (LHHR's Mason x LHHR's Mia) wins double Best of Breed, 1st Runner up in Show A under Randy Shumaker and Best in Show B under Jeff Jewitt at the Pear Blossom RBA on April 10th!

Her next show will be the West Coast Classic in Monterey on April 24th & 25th :) I don't mind how she does there, I just want to get back in the mood of showing. I miss it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This week, I spent 11.5 hours working & 18 hours in class. I also spent a number of hours out at the sheep farm on Tuesday & Thursday.

When Friday rolled around, and I got done with post-op cleaning after work, I was *exhausted*. No words described my week.

I had an interview on Tuesday morning. It went very well; I'm highly qualified, but they are only hiring 3 people of 15 who applied. Last time I applied they hired 2 out of 20 (and I didn't get it due to my fall-term schedule).... but I am hoping for better this time... I really want/need this job and don't want to have to search for Plan B/something I don't want to do.... I don't find out till the 16th so in the meantime I am trying to come up with some back-up ideas. Being in a statistics course this term, I really don't like my odds!
*If* I get the job, I will without doubt, be taking credits at our local community college. I just want to finish up with my Bacc Core courses & there are a few I have left I just haven't found the time to cram into my schedule yet.

The Rabbits!

Show this weekend! I'm going home Friday afternoon. I was going to head home after my last class, but I just got notified of an employee meeting at 3... so that kinda blew my Friday plans before the show... Even if you plan something out in detail, there is always something that comes in your way!

Saturday, Kristie is leaving with Kim to head down to Utah where she will have her new home with Tanner. She will do a lot of good there.

I am taking Sid to sell (if Roxy takes) and Matthew. I had an inquiry on Matthew, but the breeder has since fell off the face of the planet. Due to this, I will be revising my sales policy & sales page a bit... I was doing so well but I hate it when people spoil things. I doubt I will sell him there though, as I am firm on his price. Henry is on hold, so that leaves me with a junior doe from Maid Dignified to sell. I thought my parents were going to give her to the breeder who took in the litter and took care of them for 5 weeks, so I don't know if they did that.

I will be breeding Obnoxious to Henry on Friday. And Roxy x Sid, so those are the only litter possibilities in addition to Melinda that I am expecting.

I am hoping to jet out of the showroom quickly. I want to do my Friday plans on Saturday... Knowing my luck, that won't happen.... I really wanted to land a truck deal this weekend, since it will be the only weekend I'm home in a while... but maybe this is a sign I should wait a little while longer. I really haven't found what I'm looking for yet anyways, so I should just settle... go back to my homework.... :(

Sunday, March 28, 2010

And school begins again....

I am not ready for tomorrow to come; I am not ready for spring term to start! April is going to be one long month. On Monday, Wednesday & Friday I have class from 8am to 1pm. I then go to work from 1pm to around 5 pm (or later, depending on the day). On Tuesdays & Thursdays, I am TA'ing a few labs, so I'm busy from about 10am, have a break at 3, have a course lab at 4pm, and then my Steer-A-Year starts from 5:30-8pm or later. Thursdays its the same only I'm done at 5. All of my weekends are full from this weekend on.

Today is my last day of "freedom" because even if I'm not in class, working, doing an academic related extra-curricular activity, I'm busy in interviews, 4-H meetings or traveling. If there has been one thing I've learned @ college it's been time management.

So as I gather my stuff and prepare for tomorrow & the weeks to come, if you don't hear from me in a while, it's because I'm busy --- not because I fell off a cliff. Perhaps I will get too stressed & have to vent :)

The website is updated. Take a look!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The only shot of Sid even half-ways sitting still. He is so curious & loves to move!

He's such a pretty boy! We tried breeding Roxy to him but she was not interested, so hopefully when I go home next time she is! I really want little Holland babies!

Bunny Updates!

Did a photo-shoot while I was home. Everyone was in need of a new photo! Website is updated.... but I wanted to show them off with my thoughts!
Stitch - looking pretty good for his old age!
Melinda - was bred to Matthew for an April litter!
a cute little buck!
Rylee - just one shot of her.... so beautiful! Will be shown @ the PBRBA show on 4/10. Then will likely be bred.
Brianna - will be shown @ PBRBA on 4/10
2 Chestnut Does from Kristie & Money Maker
Buck (left) & Doe (right)
Funny story about this buck.... I had to cull half the litter. I decided I wanted to keep a doe since I was buck heavy... so I threw out the boys... but then I said "What if?" and I pulled this little guy out & the very first time I looked @ him I said "a baby Twitch" and he went back in his mommy's cage! Kristie is Twitch's mom, and Money Maker is Twitch's son, and I think it was an *excellent* cross :) He doesn't look as good in this picture as the first time I posed him up, but you get the idea :)
Kristie - looking beautiful on her litter
Theodore :)
Dream Maker - my new buck from Amy! He carries chocolate and we have intentions of breeding Rylee to him!
Matthew - will be leaving for WCC @ the end of the month. So we bred him to Melinda :)
Henry - will be for sale after we breed his mom to him (which we think will be a nice cross).
Madonna - my new doe from Amy! She was bred by Lisa & is out of Bam-Bam and Dagwood. Can't wait to use her!
Obnoxious - looks funny in this picture but she wasn't too cooperative. Will be breeding her to Henry probably sometime in April

Spring Break!

Seattle, WA
Space Needle
LOVE the zoom on my camera.... that's my car (the silver one) from the top the Space Needle!

Started Friday morning :)
I went to WA to see my sister. We ended up going to Seattle for the day :)

Stopped on the way back & got a pair of Mini's from Amy :D

Sunday morning I left for home. Monday the lady who is buying my horse came over & I decided it was legit... no tears came. She won't be leaving right away, so that is good!

The rest of the week yielded work.... But I did get time with the bunnies!

My spring break was NOT long enough.... but I got my bunny fix & decided who I am going to show at Pear Blossom. Also culled the litters in half so I am still at a reasonable amount of bunnies :)

Registered a ton of rabbits yesterday... have to re-order & hope they get to me in time for the show.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost done!

4 finals down, with 1 to go on Thursday evening! So far this week has gone well, but now begins studying for my "real" final that's left.

On Friday, I will be driving up to Beaverton to drop off my roommate. I will then head through Portland to drive up to central Washington to see my sister and nieces! I think it will be a good relaxation/fun couple of days. On my way home, I am stopping to pick up a pair of Mini Lops (will have more information soon :) ) to add to the herd. So I'm pretty excited about that.

Sunday morning I will leave Corvallis bright and early to head for home. I am so excited to see my rabbits! I will also be meeting the lady that is potentially buying my horse.... it will be a sad day, but hopefully & truly it is the right home.

During spring break, I will be truck shopping with my dad. I need a new vehicle, and I need a truck in general, so we're going to go 'shop' but not buy yet. I think I might have some good news by April 11th or so in that department though! Just got to wait until after tuition is paid before I know how much I can spend.

April 6th I have an interview for a summer job up here in Corvallis. Wish me luck as I hope I really get it! Also by then, we hope to hear back from the sheep unit pertaining this fall for living & work status. I can combine this deal with where I'm currently working.

I found out I can take some easy required classes at the community college, and their summer prices do not increase and its cheaper than the university so I hope to take about 7-10 credits while working full time. I also already know which classes I am taking this fall.

Having things planned out, even just the 'big' details makes life SO much SIMPLER (for the already stressed college student). I hate going around not knowing what my plans are, but now that things are falling into place I feel so "secure" and feel that not even a second of my time here is wasted.

That's all. Just a procrastination post... but back to studying!

Monday, March 8, 2010

11 days until Home!

My oh my am I exhausted! School has just ripped me apart these last few weeks, combined with work and all of my other activities when next Thursday evening rolls around there will be reason to celebrate! I am most definitely excited for a break, and not ready to start another 10 weeks, even though it will be a very good 10 weeks (I hope!). I am starting my new job (working at the university meat center) as a TA for 3 classes and working regularly the other 3 days of the week. I am done lambing, so no more waking up early!

Relating to rabbits.... first off, no I am not going to Myrtle Point next weekend; though many of my friends are, so I wish them good luck. I have 3 finals on Monday, so there is just no way I can afford to go.

I am fearing that I might have to re-home Sid, at least with one of my 4-H'ers. Potty training him has not been successful, with rising temps keeping him indoors is just no bueno! Plus I had to scrub off the walls as I don't think he sprays, but since he won't urinate in his box, he gets it on his feet and then flicks it off... Embarrassing I must say, but I don't know what else to do; I can't keep him outside. I am hoping I can convince the roommates to let Roxy have her litter here.... I will have to buy a bigger kennel, and figure out how this can work out!
Kristie has 8 of 9 babies. My parents sent me some pics, they look mostly like solid & broken chestnuts, though there might be some chins? That is the quality of phone pictures, but it does for now! I am so happy she is being a great mom, and I can't wait to see these little guys in person!

My dad picked up my remaining 4 of Maid Dignified & Dominic's babies. There are 2 blacks, a Chestnut and a Broken Black! I haven't had a Bkn Black in forever, so maybe this will just be the one! I don't know sexes, and I do have some pictures!! I am just so happy to see them home and in good hands now. They get oats and lots of hay, so hopefully even with the rough start they will start growing like weeds now.
Thats all I have... I am so excited for dead week and finals week to be over with. Wish me good luck on finals! I won't post till I get back home in Corvallis, as I will be far too busy at "home home" relaxing. :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

We have named him Sid!

"Lucky Lop's Abraham", now named "Sid" is here! We just picked him up... thanks to Tricia & Vanessa & mom for picking him up from the CA St. Convention show, and to Susie for letting me have him! :) He will be a great addition to our place.

Right now he is growing some wool back on him and going to let him settle in before I breed Roxy to him. Roxy will be headed home in a couple of weeks and will remain there probably until the later half of spring term... we'll see how things go. With my current living situation, we just can't have two bunnies, so Sid will stay here.

I did hear back from my parents that two of Maid Dignified's babies passed away. The foster mom wasn't producing enough milk for my piggish babies, but now the remaining are on KLH milk replacer and hopefully when they get on pellets they will just be going home and getting lots of oats and grass hay. It's been a long journey for them into this world.

Kristie's are still doing well. I can't wait to go home and see them!!

Week 9 has started... I am SO ready for this term to be over with! On the happy side of things, I am only taking 15 credits next term, so I will be a lot stressed out... and will have a lot more time on my hands. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The work does not end!

This morning, I woke up at 3am, to be to work by 3:50. At 3:57 an ewe had been in labor and and dropped her twin lambs (pictured above!!) Both are cute little wethers, and are oh so cute! This was my first actual solo lambing; I have missed quite a few give birth or had others alongside me.

The bigger boy, was up and nursing within minutes, but the second lamb was a slow starter. Mom was slow to clean her, but finally she got licked dry and stumbled around for a bit, but I held him up to nurse, got some IG's in him and he was good to go! Just an hour before I arrived, an ewe delivered triplets as well! One of our show lambs had a single and all 12 jugs were full of lambs, singles, twins & triplets! We have a handful (aka "several") ewes still to lamb.

At 7:45 I hurried to class. I park at the beef barn (a mile from my class) but was able to make it to class on-time. A 2 hour lab, an hour to study, and a midterm at 11. But, I am done with studying and exams for a week! (kind of!)

Tomorrow we begin the AQ contest. It starts at 5:30pm tomorrow and we are doing the written exam and group presentation part.
On Saturday is fully the Lab Practical and the Quiz-bowl, which should last from like 8am-6pm. We get fed dinner tomorrow and lunch on Saturday so not half bad right? Plus if we win here, we go to regionals in Utah!