Monday, December 27, 2010

Much over due

I can't believe I haven't posted since convention!

At any rate, I finished fall term. Longest 10 weeks of my life... ever!

Went to Red Bluff... I worked Saturday and Sunday. 3300 rabbits.... great people, great show! I don't exactly know my results, but I do know my martens took BOB all 4 shows, and Wall E won BOSV in show D. Also got some 1sts in the other shows.

Litters! After the recent catastrophes with the birthing problems, low numbers and does missing, I now have some on the ground and on the way!

Silver Martens:
Maddy & Badger - 7 on 12/26
Pyro & MGD - 8 on 12/26
*have 5 or 6 blues, rest are black

Checkered Giant:
Robin & Bruce -- due today :)

Mini Lops:
Montana x Hank Tank - due 12/29
Lettuce x Hank Tank - due 12/29 or 1/18
Brianna x Casper - due 1/18
Rylee x Casper - due 1/18
Lila x Zeus - due 1/21?

Have less than a week of vacation left. I return to school on Saturday. I won't be bringing many up to Corvallis. Don't have much to show and everything else is bred or on a litter.

CDA is coming up on 1/15. I am making the long trip to work for my license. Will have to flip a coin to decide who. Good lineup! I will probably only show 3 rabbits, I will have others showing for me so I want to make it easy :)

After CDA is a road trip for the Or cattlemens assc, then St Helens rabbit show, then going to Denver, CO for a cattle convention... after that I'm not sure whats on my calendar but I do have march shows planned. Just not sure which ones yet :)

Going to establish some 2011 goals... I didn't really set much last year and this year surprised me... in many ways. :) Will get them posted as soon as I figure it out.

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