Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another 4800 miles.... Texas trip!

On Wednesday, I and 10 others left for San Antonio, Texas. We went there for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Conference.

On a very short note, I had a GREAT time :D Really didn't want to come home -- especially since the stockshow was right around the corner!

Relating to rabbits:

Dominic & Tiffany left on Friday to go live with Emily Brown of WA. Thanks to Teri & Tricia for transporting them.

Rylee missed. I don't know if Stitch is sterile, because she "should have" taken. I will re-breed her soon, and hopefully he's not. At any rate, I lost my foster doe.
Maid Dignified kindled to 6 on the 28th. 5 steels & 1 Broken. They are living with a nearby breeder until they are 6 weeks old.
Maid Dignified and Money Maker left on Sunday with Teri. Money Maker is going to go live as a 4-H/Show rabbit in Gilroy, CA and Maid Dignified is on her way to live in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I am down to 9 rabbits :) I decided to put Matthew up for sale, I hope to breed him to a doe before he goes, but if not, oh well. Kristie is due to Money Maker on the 17th, so with two litters on the ground we need to keep it slow for now. I am hoping something in Kristie's litter will be worth keeping, I think it was a good cross.

School -- it's week 5 already. I have a make-up midterm tomorrow, other than that it's a week to catch up and prepare for my next two midterms next friday. Pretty soon it will already be time to be registering for next term's classes. :D

I don't know when my next rabbit update will be.... Perhaps when Kristie's litter is born or when MD's litter gets back home. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 rolls in nicely!

Just two weeks into the year and it's already started out nicely!

School! I'm taking 18 credits, and so far I like all of my classes... they are all lecture/exam types so not a lot of busy work but a lot of studying to do. I didn't have to buy any books this term so I was *super* excited! I have already had to move 3 exams and a lab due to travel, but hopefully it will all work out nicely. It's the first time I've had to do it!! At any rate, after two weeks I am exhausted, so I will be headed home tomorrow after my last class.

4-H! We had our first meeting of the year and it was pretty good, rather smooth. It's kinda nice having less kids this year, that way we can focus more and get a lot more accomplished. I've been very busy or on the road, so I've missed quite a bit of stuff, and I do feel bad. We are loosing our county extension agent, and it looks like they will not look to replace her until the Fall. I know this fair is smaller, but the agent is the glue to county fair, and I am interested in seeing how it will work without her.

Animals (non rabbit)! The steers and bulls have been doing well. The bulls arrived at the barn in December. We are just feeding them up until we have to sell them. The 25 steers are doing well. They are now on full-feed. We recently implanted them, so we are excited to see bumps in feed gains. I plan on signing up for Lambing crew, those little buggers should be hitting the ground soon and there are sooooo many of them to be born! Also, our meat lab should be opening back up soon, so I imagine there will be work to be done there. AND my family is getting a llama hopefully this weekend, so I might have news to post next week about him!

Rabbits! So basically the rabbits are back on the UP side of things! and I am rather pleased!

This weekend, Lila is leaving to go live with a 4-H'er. In two weeks, Dominic and Tiffany will leave to go live in Washington. Also, Maid Dignified will leave to go to Arizona. We will then be at 11 rabbits (-1 (Stitch = retired pet) so actually we will be at 10.

*Rylee is due on the 23rd to Stitch
*Maid Dignified is due on the 29th to Dominic.

We will be fostering Dignified's litter, so hopefully that works out well.

I will proably be breeding Kristie to Money Maker. I have been thinking about it, and I think they would match up very nicely, plus I want to move Money Maker on... He deserves to be in a good show home!

I am missing the St. Helens show because I will be in Texas, so the next show after that isn't until March, which is right before finals (and I have THREE finals on MONDAY...) so I won't be headed to the show, not that I have anything to enter anyways.... Skip! It's likely I won't get to a show until Pear Blossom, and that's in April :D So much time for "show withdrawl"!

At any rate, I'm going home -- fixing up some nestboxes & getting my rabbits ready for transport. I will also have to clean some trays and... hopefully I will get new/updated pics of most everyone (minus Dig & Rylee). If I get any good ones I'll update the website :)

until later.... Pictured above is ROXY -- my house pet up here in Corvallis... she has been the best pet rabbit I've ever owned and my roomates and I love her to bunches! She's headed home with me this weekend because no one will be at the house and it's easier to drag her home than to find someone to take care of her.... She's one traveling bun!