Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hot hot!

OR State was long. But it was well worth it. Royalty went well, King won BOV & Shelton won 1st in his class. Upon returning home from OR State, the next day at work, they asked me a loaded question to transfer to another one of our work locations, so now I commute an hour a day to the big city for work. Sooo.... I personally couldn't make it to Astoria, so bunny partner Heather took up Lynx & Kingpin. Kingpin won 1st in his class. Lynx was bred to a chocolate carrier buck from Lisa.

Just got back from WA State. Talk about a lonnnnng trip. But again well worth it. I didn't show anything, I took Nightshade back up to Lisa, traded Sara a cal doe for one of her chocolate does that should work well in my program. I transported for others in order to pay for my gas. I also had Monday & Tuesday off of this week, so I culled 5 animals from the program today. I will finish the rest up this holiday weekend.

Next weekend is Sandpoint. I am just judging. Hopefully it will be fun :) Long trip.

Big break between next shows. Not sure if I will ask for Crescent City off again this year, but we'll see.

Litters are growing. Lotttts of babies. Lots of potential.

Hoooooot weather. But buns are faring well.