Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Obnoxious has 8 babies, not 7. 4 solids, 4 brokens. They sound like steels :D

Rylee is housed at Jill Pfaff's barn until State Convention. I visited her yesterday and she looks like she is settling in well.

I turned in my application for Steer A Year. I am running for the Foreman position.
Tomorrow are elections for Agricultural Executive. I am running for Director of Correspondence, Public Relations Officer or the New Fields Editor... but I hope to get New Fields. I know it would be a LOT of work, but I think it's a great opportunity and would be something completely new.

I also received an invitation to the Celebrating Student Excellence dinner; I applied for a scholarship through the College of Ag and this is what this is for.... so I'm pretty excited about that. If I get elected for Ag Exec I'll have to go anyways. That would be the Thursday before I leave for Oaks Park.

Speaking of Oaks Park, I have entered Rylee in the double open. I'm just going to go for a few hours, hopefully pick up some bunnies? We'll see about that.
I will spend the rest of the Saturday in Canby at the Spring Classic as a part of the Clackmas County Stockman's Association. Some of my 4-Her's decided they wanted to participate this year, which means I have go go.

I am still figuring out Oregon State Convention entries. All I know is I'm entering Rylee and would like to enter Lea Ann & Compulsive Addiction, potentially Puerto Viejo if he comes out of his uglies. I'll have to wait and see how big they are in a week or so though. I need to save money.

Saving money.... Hardly possible when I am sending out my judges application here soon. I have it completed, sitting on my desk with the envelope addressed and stamped, but I have to fork out $100 to take the test. There is a $50 re-test fee. You talk about ridiculous. I am a broke college student... so it's been a hard decision to write the check. I need to do it soon though.

The website is 100% updated. Please check it out and let me know if you like the new look.

I have nothing else to report. Gotta get back to procrastinating!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yreka was last weekend. It was a blow other than Rylee's 1st place win in C. The judges weren't all that great, but I managed to sell a pair, register and have fun. I also watched a jackpot show!

Obnoxious kindled to 7 babies, on the 12th to Henry. Roxy never kindled ;(

Canby was today! Rylee was brought up by our friend Jennifer, and she ended up winning Best of Breed in A!!! There was a good amount of Mini's (70-80 or so) so it was all decent. She went up for BIS and she was a top contender but Judy Atchison's Mini Rex & Larry & Sharon Webb's Satin were just too hot to beat!

I got rid of another pair and managed to get home pretty early. Need to relax; have to get up early tomorrow. Another jackpot show!

Monday starts week 8... not ready for it at all. :(

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

to California this weekend!

Melinda had babies on the 25th, 6 or 7, I still havent heard back from my parents. Sired by Matthew.
Obnoxious is due on the 11th to Henry.
ROXY is due to SIDNEY on the 11th and from the sounds of it it looks like she took! I am uberly excited for this. I just wish I could be there :(

Rylee's success has kept me going with the rabbits. I honestly thought about selling out a couple times last fall, and I am sure glad I didn't! I've sent in my Yreka entry... I am showing Rylee in the Specialty and in the double open. I am also going to show Matthew in the double open as well.
A good friend Mary, will be taking Rylee down Friday evening for the specialty, I will arrive there a little late unfortunately. I have to go to an awards ceremony because I am receiving a scholarship from the Animal Sciences department! :)

OSU fall registration happens in a couple of weeks. I have to wait till the 24th for open registration for my summer courses. I still need to find a summer job, but I have put in some applications, and will put in some inquiries through the department to see if there is anything I'm not thinking of.... This fall I am taking Nutrition, Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Spanish & a Statistics lab. I am soooo not looking forward to that but life goes on. I am taking the Spanish to be very competitive for a internship that I want, and Spanish exposure is a crucial pre-req.
I got roped into doing Agricultural Executive next year, an officer position (which I don't know what I will get elected for), but either way, with this, my Steer A Year officer position, 4-H leader and my classes & everything else I have going on (club lambs, collegiate 4-H, judging, purebred cattle etc) I will an even busier kid with a lot more stress :(

I am VERY excited for Yreka this weekend. It will be a good relaxer... this term has been a killer! I have a midterm on Monday, but I've lost all hope for the class... so i'm hoping to get in some study time on Thursday and make do :(