Thursday, October 30, 2008

More ?

5 weeks have passed, and I am through midterms :) I should mention that 2 of them went well (A's) and math... not so well but I'll hopefully do better next time.

Since I wrote, I missed a Steer a Year meeting and an Ag. Ex meeting. I spent that time meeting up with some of my 4-H members and studying with friends instead.

Tuesday, I made my Steer a Year meeting (even though technically there was no meeting?) we still held one anyways and discussed feed prices and such. Since the meeting didn't last long I jogged up the hill to make my Collegiate 4-H meeting to carve pumpkins for the CFH Harvest Party.

This Friday and Saturday I am help cutting up, cooking and serving 400lbs of beef for the OSU x ASU football game. It's a way to get my foot in the door into the club since I've already missed two meetings! I didn't get a ticket for the game anyways, so I have nothing else better to do on a Saturday!

Monday I can start registering for Colleigate 4-H Nationals [in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota] in Feburary. So I'm pretty stoked about that!

Tuesday is Election Day. I sent in my ballot today! I won't talk politics, but I would ask if you can vote, inform yourself about the canidates and do so! Also that night I have a Steer A Year meeting. We are getting the steers on Nov. 22-23rd (anywheres from 20-36) so we will mostly be planning for the event of bringing them home.

On Wednesday we have our first 4-H Meeting! We are thinking about "Thundering Thumpers" as a name? not sure, it's really up to them! But I will make phonecalls monday or tuesday to remind and hopefully we'll get about 10 kids for our first meeting; that's what I'm shooting for!

Thursday - Sunday is the Oregon Cattlemen's Assoication Quarterly in Redmond, Oregon -- which I guess I am attending now. I'll get to the last day of the Western Horsemanship OSU Horse show on Sunday if it's still going on......

The following week I have a math midterm and more meetings...... It will never end....

I dont have much rabbit business to report, except that I am attending the Nov. 22nd show in Albany. I'll be helping setting up, clerking/ramroding, tearing down and of course soaking in every bit of information in that quest to get my judges license, while all at the same time chatting with breeder friends and relieving my bunny thirst. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

On their way!

On monday, the 13th I had a 4-H Small Animal Meeting... it was nice to meet the other leaders of rabbit clubs in our county and I learned a lot!!! I have been given the wonderful opprotunity to start my own club, we have a few members already and lots of growing interest!

On tuesday, the 14th I attended my Collegiate 4-H meeting. It was short, but to the point. I love being in the club already! I was going to attend the Steer a Year meeting that night too but I'm afraid I missed it :( I'll get to one in a couple of weeks :)

Friday, I went HOME! It was unexpected and planned rather quickly, but after my rabbit transport failed last weekend (I won't even begin to go into that...) I had to drive the 3 rabbits to Portland this weekend. Luckly, a friend was going home this weekend, and it worked out we rode together and we met up with John today, no problems! The rabbits are on their way tomorrow!!! It was a long weekend, but well deserved!

I looked at all my juniors and did some seperating. Hab's does have their own cage, weaned Summer's babies, Pride's babies have their own cage and I split Secret Score juniors into 2 per cage. Pride, Hab and Summer's babies had chewing wars.... ugh! But SS's litter still amazes me! All does and it's so hard to tell them apart type wise!, although my top end doe still being the steel looks WOW right now! I'd get her to a show if I could. I bred Maid Dignified to Stitch... she was VERY ready to be bred and he got her three times! At 5 months, I hope they don't go over for ML Nationals.... but this will be one heck of a litter! I also tried breeding Summer and Ex. Getaway but they were not cooperative.... Since I left them overnight, there is no way for me to tell if they took.... so 30 days here we come!

A month till Fall Warren! I'm going just to help out and chat with bunny friends :) And if I don't go... oh well.... but it's only 10 miles away......

So starting up a 4-H club has been taking up most of my time other than school work... midterms this week.... ugh! In two weeks we can start registering for National Collegiate 4-H conference.... exciting! And a couple weeks after that is Winter term registration AND flying out to Atlanta! I am still very honored to be selected for a trip to National 4-H Congress... being one of the elite youth from Oregon ... and the ONLY youth from southern Oregon :D

ok, I'm rambling now... until later :D

Saturday, October 4, 2008

1 week down

10 to go....

My calendar builds with stuff to do, exam dates and travel planning -- but I'm not letting it overwhelm me :)

On Monday I have my 4-H Leader Training... this one will determine if I get to become a rabbit leader for Benton County! I don't know how long it will take for it to all go through, but I will update when it does. Tuesday we go out to OSU's Beef Barn... I get to stick my hand inside a cow... that's something I haven't done before ;)

I missed my first Colleigate 4-H meeting but we have another one on the 14th. On the 13th I have my first 4-H Small Animal meeting as a leader.

Next weekend my 3 convention rabbits will make their way north to a breeder who will then take them to John Nyberg who will transport them to convention. The frosted pearl doe looked decent, Habanero came off her litter well and the blue chin buck looked just like his daddy... I hope they do well in Iowa.

When that happens, Summer will go into the cage Hab is in. So Summer's babies will have a cage to themself. Exclusive Getaway and Maid Dignified will be moved into the brood doe cages and sit a couple weeks waiting to get bred for Mini Lop Nationals :)

Maid Dignified (GC 9 legs, 1 RIS) will be bred to Stitch (GC 10 legs, produced 2 BIS winners)

Exclusive Getaway (Reg. 1 leg) will be bred to Keepsake (Reg. 1 leg)

Summer (GC 7 legs (6 BOB), 1 RIS, 17th 07' ARBA conv.) will be bred to Stitch (GC 10 legs, produced 2 BIS winners)

Exclusive Getaway and Keepsake will be availble pre-sold for Nationals... otherwise I won't have room for them.... I will be posting that on here and the sale page soon.

until later... :)