Saturday, October 4, 2008

1 week down

10 to go....

My calendar builds with stuff to do, exam dates and travel planning -- but I'm not letting it overwhelm me :)

On Monday I have my 4-H Leader Training... this one will determine if I get to become a rabbit leader for Benton County! I don't know how long it will take for it to all go through, but I will update when it does. Tuesday we go out to OSU's Beef Barn... I get to stick my hand inside a cow... that's something I haven't done before ;)

I missed my first Colleigate 4-H meeting but we have another one on the 14th. On the 13th I have my first 4-H Small Animal meeting as a leader.

Next weekend my 3 convention rabbits will make their way north to a breeder who will then take them to John Nyberg who will transport them to convention. The frosted pearl doe looked decent, Habanero came off her litter well and the blue chin buck looked just like his daddy... I hope they do well in Iowa.

When that happens, Summer will go into the cage Hab is in. So Summer's babies will have a cage to themself. Exclusive Getaway and Maid Dignified will be moved into the brood doe cages and sit a couple weeks waiting to get bred for Mini Lop Nationals :)

Maid Dignified (GC 9 legs, 1 RIS) will be bred to Stitch (GC 10 legs, produced 2 BIS winners)

Exclusive Getaway (Reg. 1 leg) will be bred to Keepsake (Reg. 1 leg)

Summer (GC 7 legs (6 BOB), 1 RIS, 17th 07' ARBA conv.) will be bred to Stitch (GC 10 legs, produced 2 BIS winners)

Exclusive Getaway and Keepsake will be availble pre-sold for Nationals... otherwise I won't have room for them.... I will be posting that on here and the sale page soon.

until later... :)

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nvelotta said...

Looks like you are stealing my countdown method!! Glad you are liking college!