Monday, August 31, 2009

Updated Show/Sales List

I settled on a show list and sent out the e-mail... it's done, I've officially spent another $80 I don't really have, but I can't miss this show... The opprotunity to have 5 shows at your back door is not an everyday occurance.

Saturday - Triple Open
Matthew - SJB
Rylee -SJD
Brianna - SJD

Sunday - Double Open

I'm pretty sure this is the worst show list I've ever put together, and I hope it's not a complete waste of money. My seniors are in semi-molts, and my juniors pretty nice, but I couldn't risk showing them all weekend.

I'm bringing Mason, Waffles, Hera, Hayden, Last Minute, Taylor & 2 Broken Jr Does to sell, or give away.

I head back to Corvallis in 7 days. I'm actually very excited for it because I've been an emotional wreck these past few weeks... nothing I wish to discuss, but it sure takes it's toll on looking forward to fun rabbit show weekends when life looks so depressing. Perhaps a good Labor Day weekend show will help out with this dilemma.... Here we come Crescent City!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Juniors / Show

I knew there was a reason why I didn't name juniors, particularly so I don't become attached. But when I do, it's a big deal. I spent hours picking out the last batch (where they all had reason and purpose, not to mention not so common) to find them used on other rabbits of the same breed, so from now on, I won't be announcing the names of my juniors, or quite frankly go back to waiting until they are seniors. Oh well!

I have revised my show list, I will be showing:
5 shows:
  • Obnoxious
  • Theodore
  • Mason
Sunday Only:
  • Rylee - SJD
  • Lila - BJD
  • Matthew - SJB

Even with just those, it comes just shy of $80 for the weekend if I only show the juniors on Sunday. I am bringing 8 sale buns, and I hope to not come back with them... wishful thinking I suppose.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Junior Business

My juniors are growing up so fast, and doing so well! I had to stop the 1 cup feeding and reduce to 3/4 cup, if there's anything I don't need, is animals going over junior weight!

Tessa & Kiah, I can't pose for the life of me. I'm trying to keep in mind, that rabbits that don't naturally pose themselves can have sturctural problems, but I'm just not seeing it. It was a very complementary cross, they are just VERY stubborn girls! From what I can gather they have great depth and all around nice body type, but I can't pick on one to keep until I can get them evaulated thoroughly. I do like Tessa's head/crown/ear better.

Henry is a nice guy, very typey and has a killer head coming in at 3 months old. I'd really like to send him to San Diego pre-sold, I really think someone can benefit from this Velotta/DeSurra/Sieber/Kitsemble cross (strictly those 4 lines, the best of the best!) I would love the person that takes this very nice boy off my hands to show/breed.

Sophie is a decent girl. Jet Puff has chewed her fur, but she wasn't going to be a show doe anyways. I'd like to keep her if I get room, but it is possible I will part with her, she was just a replacement for Ellie Mae.

Jet Puff has traditional BEW type, she's long and narrow in head and body, has long bone and not so great fur density or texture. But, she has great well-furred ears ears, a good crown and a decent topline! She actually looks like a Mini Lop which sends me jumping up-and down compared to my first stock. If all goes well, I hope to breed her in October or November. I have a few interested individuals so I'm hoping the whole litter sells.

Rylee is actually surprising me for a colored doe. I think it's quite evident I'm not a fan of breeding for color, but this doe I'm considering showing next weekend. We'll see what she looks like then.

Hayden is coming along nicely. Surely the result of a good cross, but I can't afford to keep him. He should make a really nice show/breeding buck.

Blue Crush is an awesome little boy from Amy, I can't be happier to have a nice BEW buck with good type to use. I got his pedigree a few days ago and realized how well-bred he is and why he looks the way he does. A huge thanks for parting with this cute guy!

Lila is coming along nicely. She is going through her uglies, I hope she pulls out nicely because right now I'd consider selling her. I just cant get over that head/crown/ear.

Ashylyn has turned around, making the final deicsion to keep her rather than her brother. I've even considered showing her next weekend.

Brianna needs to develop a little more before I'd like to show her (Stockton though?) which is why I think I will show Rylee instead, though she is very nice!

Money Maker keeps going back and forth, but I really think I will be keeping his solid brother, so I would like to sell him for San Diego. Need new pics of him, the one I do have of him is horrible.

Matthew is just drop dead gourgeous, and I am definately showing him at Crescent City and Stockton. Talk about a typey balanced buck and a lot going for him.

Alvin is coming out alright, not going to keep him so he is for sale, either locally or San Diego. I'm being really picky and weeding him out just because he doesnt have a wide enough head for my liking.

From Taylors litter, I plan to keep the doe, but will consider keeping a buck if there is one substantially better. I gave Taylor's remaining 3 to Kristie so I can focus on selling her. I plan on keeping 1 doe each from Kristie and Melinda's litter, but will be holding onto them for litters next year.

And that's it, I can't believe these guys are the last little ones for the rest of the year!! I'm hoping to make it home before San Diego entry deadlines, that way I'm not sending rabbits blind.... and I still need to find a reliable/trustworthy transporter... that is always hard.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Show next weekend!

I've been counting down the days till my next show, because quite frankly, it's been far too long since my last one.

I think I've come across a show list for Crescent City; one I'm very excited about, but it'll have to do!
  • Obnoxious
  • Theodore
  • Matthew - SJB
  • Rylee - SJD
  • Ashlyn - BJD

I have a few back up rabbits planned, but with the dead line approaching, this is what it looks like I'll be taking.

And at $15 for 5 shows/per rabbit, it adds up quickly so I'll keep it short. I'm not registering there, so its just this small list and sale animals only.

Obnoxious is in a minor molt, coming off of it so I expect her to finish. Otherwise she looks nice. Theodore is in a minor-moderate molt. Certainly something I can brush out before the show, but I don't think it should be a big deal.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preparing for shows

Even though submitting entries is the hardest task, much work is done before I send them in.

Once I decide to go to a show, my first thought is "who do I have to enter?" I go out to the barn and see what I have. Currently, I have a bunch of old show animals, a bunch of young animals, and a few seniors and promsing juniors I "could" show. I then take the show into perspective. "Will there be a lot of competion?" "How far am I traveling to the show?" "How many animals do I need to sell?"

Last year I limited myself to 15 carrier holes... it's just hard to take more than that to a show these days, if I go over that I have to drive the truck or borrow carriers from friends (and I have done that a few times!....) So I try to hold a few for sale animals, since I usually always take something to sell.

I then write down what I "can" show, and I make another list of what I can sell.
Of those show animals, I evaluate their condition. Right now I have some rabbits molting (the drastic weather changes) but they are minor molts and should be done before the show comes around. To help aid the process, I give hay and brush them often.
I will weigh my animals... having made several weight mistakes over my many years of showing, its something I try to avoid before the show now. I no longer take those "at risk" bunnies, its just not worth the entry fee!

I trim all nails. Nothing irriates me more than improper nail care. Usually I just have minor trims and while I'm there I also check nail color, tails, teeth and front legs. I also check for abcesses, especially pimples on those boys! I'll check and see if their tattoo has faded (since I use an electric tattooer) and if any touch-ups are needed I will do them while I am thinking about it.

Once I have my show list, I focus on those animals for a while, continuing to groom them, monitor their status and keep hay in front of them. And it's not abnormal upkeep, I do this everyday, but when I have a show coming up, I don't want mistakes to arise there or before I get there (and they happen all the time, an animal blows their coat, breaks their tooth at the show or gets sprayed by a buck at home... stuff happens!)

I then take note how much money I have to spend. That's always a tough task, I am a college student and money is tight. I dont like spending more than I have to, so I'll go for reasonable lodging, limit entries and try to pre-sell animals to make the show more worthy. I've been on a kick of showing a short list of animals, its less work at the show and saves money. Granite I haven't been granding animals like I used to, but I don't mind as I've acheived all my "short term" goals in rabbits.

So when I send in my entries, via snail or e-mail, it's hard to click "send" or drop the envelope in the box.

Speaking about shows, I have a few I am preparing for right now! I have until the 1st of September to send in my Crescent City entry. They have a good secretary and are on top of their "stuff" so they can have just a few takes to pull out a GREAT 7 show weekend!

Right now, I have 3 seniors I "plan" to show. I still have to weigh them. Those are Obnoxious (I want to grand her, then might sell her?), Dominic and Theodore. I might bring Last Minute as a back up for Obnoxious, use her as an ear change rabbit.
I then have 3 juniors I would like to show. Now I dont think I can show them in all 5 shows, too expensive but I'd like to atleast show them on Sunday. Those are the siblings, Brianna, Matthew and Lila my Hades x Twitch litter. I'm working on getting their baby coats gone (almost there!) and but the muscle and flesh is there. I just want to know if I am on the right track with them, because I really like them ;) That is all I have to show though, I have plenty of sale animals, so I'm not entirely dissapointed....

I even considered showing the BEW's on Saturday for comments only. Let me make that clear, I just want to get them at a show to show off, since Ive never taken my BEW's anywhere before!!!! We'll see....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Junior Pictures ... finally!

Tessa - Bkn Steel Doe
*Please excuse this pic, she did NOT want to cooperate and is not this ugly!
Tessa is a promising doe from Obnoxious and Twitch. We will decide soon if we are keeping her or her solid steel sister Kiah.

Sophie - Bkn Chinchilla Doe

Sophie is a cute doe from Ellie Mae and Twitch. Where it's not reasonable to say she will ever hit the show tables, she is a good replacement for Ellie Mae and we are excited to add her into our breeding program.

Rylee - Chocolate Chestnut Doe
Rylee is a cute doe out of Mason and Mia. She is a collage of color and type, no show doe that is for certain, but good enough to get some color without loosing type either.
Money Maker - Bkn Chinchilla Buck
I think I might part with this buck... I kept the whole litter until now and I think it's reasonable to say his solid brother has a better head package than him... even though I think this boy is very promising! I'd like to sell him for San Diego.
Matthew - Chestnut Buck
This wonderful boy out of Hades and Twitch has caught my eye from day one! I think he is a promising show/herdsire potential and his siblings look just the same!

Lila - Bkn Chestnut Doe
Another Hades Twitch sibling, this doe is just stunning! I find myself calling her "Twitch Jr." from time to time, maybe she will fill her parents shoes!
Kiah - Steel Doe
Sorry for this overposed picture of Kiah, she did not want to cooperate! She really is deep though, and has a coat just like her mom's! I think she will make a really good show doe later this year.
Henry - Bkn Steel Buck
I saved this guy off the cull list because he is just too nice to throw away. Even though I cannot afford to keep this buck, I'd consider selling him for San Diego, otherwise I'll continue growing him out. Great head/crown, depth, topline and he even has his mom's dense fur too!
Hayden - Steel Buck
I'm really not sure if I am keeping him, I need another buck like a hole in my head but he is the best buck out of Hera and Dominic. I bred them together because I was under the assumption I was selling Dominic and I wanted a litter from him. I don't need to keep him, so if someone wants a good lineage buck that's promising for show, let me know :)
Brianna - Chestnut Doe
The other Hades Twitch sibling, she is a very pretty girl! I like her just as much as Lila, and cannot decide which one to keep....
Ashlyn - Bkn Chestnut Doe
I think this doe will get better with time, certainly not a head cross for all accounts considering but we'll see. We are keeping her or her brother.
Alvin - Bkn Chestnut Buck
Currently I like this buck better than his sister but really it's a toss up. I can't afford to keep him, and would rather keep the doe, even though she's not as nice. I think his head will come in with age, he has everything else going for him though.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BEW Project

Jet Puff is a Jr. Doe born in May, she's not a lot to talk about type wise, but certainly better than my first BEW. I didn't keep her VM sister, just didn't have room. I'm going to try to breed her right to Crush at 6 months, and outcross Crush with some non Vienna does to get some typey Viennas to work with her offspring.
Jet Puff
Monday afternoon I picked up "Blue Crush" from Teri. Amy and I traded, I sent her up a Bkn Jr. Buck from Obnoxious and Twitch and I got a BEW Jr. Buck out of my stock. Not too directly related to Jet Puff, but just enough to swing those genetics back in. He has good type (for a BEW) and I am *very* excited to breed these guys as soon as I can.
Blue Crush

The BEW project is become a long process for me, two years coming up in November and Puff is only my 2nd BEW ever. If only I wasn't in college I'm sure this project would have come by a lot faster. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Juniors are named!

When the time comes to name my own child, it will likely take me the whole 9 months to come up with a name, even then I'm bound to change my mind last minute! Naming rabbits is always the hardest thing, and I postpone it as long as possible.

I generally don't name my juniors until they become seniors and I know I'm keeping them, but these guys I do hope will stick around for a while. In the meantime, I need to have names associated with them, as I'm more likely to spend time with them when they have names!!!

Sophia - Bkn Sable Chinchilla from Ellie Mae and Twitch
Rylee - Chocolate Chestnut from Mia and Mason
Kiah - Steel from Obnoxious and Twitch
Tessa - Bkn Steel from Obnoxious and Twitch
Lila ("Twitch Jr") - Bkn Chestnut from Hades and Twitch
Brianna - Chestnut from Hades and Twitch
Ashlyn - Bkn Chestnut from Maid Dignified and Danger

Hayden - Steel from Hera and Dominic
Henry - Bkn Steel from Obnoxious & Twitch (FOR SALE)
Money Maker - Bkn Sable Chinchilal from Hades and Twitch
Matthew - Chestnut from Hades and Twitch
Alvin - Bkn Chestnut from Maid Dignified and Danger

The ones in bold are convention canidates, the rest are just along for the ride. I held back "Henry" from the cull list yesterday because he was just too nice to throw away. Kiah and Tessa are pieces littermates, one has body and less head, one has head and less body. The 4 Hades siblings are killing me, they are so nice, and there are two does, two bucks, with a solid and broken of each. What more can you ask for! Ashlyn and Alvin, I like the buck better, but I need does more than bucks......


Minus 11, Add 13

My herd reduction would really be easier if I would stop breeding rabbits, but my biggest pet peeve is letting good does sit around for nothing. Furthermore, all of my litters must be born this summer, as I won't be able to have any litters until the spring :( (and that is going to be hard to do!)

So my intentions were simple, breed all of my does and keep their offspring, which if you breed correctly, hopefully are suitable replacements. And I haven't done a bad job at reducing, seems how I am just over 35 (with litters) and was over 70 just a few weeks ago.

I got rid of 11 rabbits yesterday. 3 were transported up to the Monroe Benefit Show. 6 were culled (5 bucks) and I sold 2 in the evening. But, that number was out done when Melinda kindled to 8 kits, and Kristie had 5. I am very happy for two more healthy litters, especially from these beautiful does!

I moved everyone around. Everyone is where I want them to be, or where they "should" be. The convention juniors are in my jr grower cages, minus Obnoxious's two does, which wouldn't fit (since I have 8 to show, and only 6 of those cages). Every junior buck has their own cage. I moved Kristie, Melinda and Chestnut to my litter cages, that way they have more room. And again, all of my bucks wound up on the bottom, except Theodore, who doesnt spray and I plan on keeping him in show shape.

The Crescent City Show catalog has come out. I guess they moved the date, to after Labor Day. They bumped a local judge to get a out of state judge. I really dont have anything to show. I'll have to weigh Theo and Dominic. I'm trying to get Obnoxious in show shape, and if not Last Minute should be a good replacement for her if she doesn't kindle (I gave her a box just in case).
Other that, anything else I bring, will be for sale. I suppose that's a good thing, since entries are $15 per rabbit (5 shows). Where that's completely reasonable, it adds up quickly.

Getting ready to make another trip north. I have to dissassemble the desk and entertainment center, can't afford to make another trip with the truck so the remaning stuff has to fit in my car! *yikes!*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heat Wave, Fair, Moving & more

First off, I want to thank my parents for keeping all of my bunnies alive in the massive heat wave the pacific northwest took last week. Temps hit 111*F in the Rogue Valley and with lots of young bunnies and litters, I was really worried something would happen!

While the heat wave in southern Oregon was pounding the area, I was up in "cool" Corvallis for their county fair. Where temps for the summer rarely go over *85, that first fair day we hit 108*F official & we lost 3 pigs despite all tries to keep the livestock cool. Pigs are very susceptible to heat since they don't sweat, and they were some tragic losses (even out side of fair) The rabbit barn stayed about 10* cooler than outside, thanks to lots of industrial shop fans and a very nice building.

The kid's rabbits did great in conformation and showmanship went just as well. I bounced around the fair for the various livestock showings, got in some judging practice hung out with friends and signed papers and paid first month's rent for my house! It was very exciting to have my first house keys!

Saturday night I packed my camping stuff into my house and stayed over at a friends since I didn't have anything in there yet. Sunday I moved in a lot of furniture and kitchen stuff and two of my roomates helped. It was very awesome to have a day in the new place!

I had to head home Sunday evening though, too much work to be done here at home.

Rabbits are good. Hera's litter are all bucks. I have my eye on the steel. I sexed Chestnut's litter, 3 are bucks, one I couldn't tell and there are 2 does. I'll have no choice but to cull the bucks and keep only the best doe from this litter.

Taylor kindled while I was gone! 7 TINY babies, but doing very well! Hopefully she pulls out a nice litter since I plan on moving Boomerang out soon.

Thursday & Friday should rid of some rabbits & hopefully Sunday will follow. My primary focus is opening up holes for growing out convention juniors. I had been growing them out together until 8-10 weeks, but it is now time for them to move up on their own.

Kristie is due tomorrow and Melinda the following day. These will be my last litters for a while unfortunately.