Saturday, August 8, 2009

Minus 11, Add 13

My herd reduction would really be easier if I would stop breeding rabbits, but my biggest pet peeve is letting good does sit around for nothing. Furthermore, all of my litters must be born this summer, as I won't be able to have any litters until the spring :( (and that is going to be hard to do!)

So my intentions were simple, breed all of my does and keep their offspring, which if you breed correctly, hopefully are suitable replacements. And I haven't done a bad job at reducing, seems how I am just over 35 (with litters) and was over 70 just a few weeks ago.

I got rid of 11 rabbits yesterday. 3 were transported up to the Monroe Benefit Show. 6 were culled (5 bucks) and I sold 2 in the evening. But, that number was out done when Melinda kindled to 8 kits, and Kristie had 5. I am very happy for two more healthy litters, especially from these beautiful does!

I moved everyone around. Everyone is where I want them to be, or where they "should" be. The convention juniors are in my jr grower cages, minus Obnoxious's two does, which wouldn't fit (since I have 8 to show, and only 6 of those cages). Every junior buck has their own cage. I moved Kristie, Melinda and Chestnut to my litter cages, that way they have more room. And again, all of my bucks wound up on the bottom, except Theodore, who doesnt spray and I plan on keeping him in show shape.

The Crescent City Show catalog has come out. I guess they moved the date, to after Labor Day. They bumped a local judge to get a out of state judge. I really dont have anything to show. I'll have to weigh Theo and Dominic. I'm trying to get Obnoxious in show shape, and if not Last Minute should be a good replacement for her if she doesn't kindle (I gave her a box just in case).
Other that, anything else I bring, will be for sale. I suppose that's a good thing, since entries are $15 per rabbit (5 shows). Where that's completely reasonable, it adds up quickly.

Getting ready to make another trip north. I have to dissassemble the desk and entertainment center, can't afford to make another trip with the truck so the remaning stuff has to fit in my car! *yikes!*

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