Friday, August 14, 2009

Junior Pictures ... finally!

Tessa - Bkn Steel Doe
*Please excuse this pic, she did NOT want to cooperate and is not this ugly!
Tessa is a promising doe from Obnoxious and Twitch. We will decide soon if we are keeping her or her solid steel sister Kiah.

Sophie - Bkn Chinchilla Doe

Sophie is a cute doe from Ellie Mae and Twitch. Where it's not reasonable to say she will ever hit the show tables, she is a good replacement for Ellie Mae and we are excited to add her into our breeding program.

Rylee - Chocolate Chestnut Doe
Rylee is a cute doe out of Mason and Mia. She is a collage of color and type, no show doe that is for certain, but good enough to get some color without loosing type either.
Money Maker - Bkn Chinchilla Buck
I think I might part with this buck... I kept the whole litter until now and I think it's reasonable to say his solid brother has a better head package than him... even though I think this boy is very promising! I'd like to sell him for San Diego.
Matthew - Chestnut Buck
This wonderful boy out of Hades and Twitch has caught my eye from day one! I think he is a promising show/herdsire potential and his siblings look just the same!

Lila - Bkn Chestnut Doe
Another Hades Twitch sibling, this doe is just stunning! I find myself calling her "Twitch Jr." from time to time, maybe she will fill her parents shoes!
Kiah - Steel Doe
Sorry for this overposed picture of Kiah, she did not want to cooperate! She really is deep though, and has a coat just like her mom's! I think she will make a really good show doe later this year.
Henry - Bkn Steel Buck
I saved this guy off the cull list because he is just too nice to throw away. Even though I cannot afford to keep this buck, I'd consider selling him for San Diego, otherwise I'll continue growing him out. Great head/crown, depth, topline and he even has his mom's dense fur too!
Hayden - Steel Buck
I'm really not sure if I am keeping him, I need another buck like a hole in my head but he is the best buck out of Hera and Dominic. I bred them together because I was under the assumption I was selling Dominic and I wanted a litter from him. I don't need to keep him, so if someone wants a good lineage buck that's promising for show, let me know :)
Brianna - Chestnut Doe
The other Hades Twitch sibling, she is a very pretty girl! I like her just as much as Lila, and cannot decide which one to keep....
Ashlyn - Bkn Chestnut Doe
I think this doe will get better with time, certainly not a head cross for all accounts considering but we'll see. We are keeping her or her brother.
Alvin - Bkn Chestnut Buck
Currently I like this buck better than his sister but really it's a toss up. I can't afford to keep him, and would rather keep the doe, even though she's not as nice. I think his head will come in with age, he has everything else going for him though.

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