Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heat Wave, Fair, Moving & more

First off, I want to thank my parents for keeping all of my bunnies alive in the massive heat wave the pacific northwest took last week. Temps hit 111*F in the Rogue Valley and with lots of young bunnies and litters, I was really worried something would happen!

While the heat wave in southern Oregon was pounding the area, I was up in "cool" Corvallis for their county fair. Where temps for the summer rarely go over *85, that first fair day we hit 108*F official & we lost 3 pigs despite all tries to keep the livestock cool. Pigs are very susceptible to heat since they don't sweat, and they were some tragic losses (even out side of fair) The rabbit barn stayed about 10* cooler than outside, thanks to lots of industrial shop fans and a very nice building.

The kid's rabbits did great in conformation and showmanship went just as well. I bounced around the fair for the various livestock showings, got in some judging practice hung out with friends and signed papers and paid first month's rent for my house! It was very exciting to have my first house keys!

Saturday night I packed my camping stuff into my house and stayed over at a friends since I didn't have anything in there yet. Sunday I moved in a lot of furniture and kitchen stuff and two of my roomates helped. It was very awesome to have a day in the new place!

I had to head home Sunday evening though, too much work to be done here at home.

Rabbits are good. Hera's litter are all bucks. I have my eye on the steel. I sexed Chestnut's litter, 3 are bucks, one I couldn't tell and there are 2 does. I'll have no choice but to cull the bucks and keep only the best doe from this litter.

Taylor kindled while I was gone! 7 TINY babies, but doing very well! Hopefully she pulls out a nice litter since I plan on moving Boomerang out soon.

Thursday & Friday should rid of some rabbits & hopefully Sunday will follow. My primary focus is opening up holes for growing out convention juniors. I had been growing them out together until 8-10 weeks, but it is now time for them to move up on their own.

Kristie is due tomorrow and Melinda the following day. These will be my last litters for a while unfortunately.

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