Thursday, August 27, 2009

Junior Business

My juniors are growing up so fast, and doing so well! I had to stop the 1 cup feeding and reduce to 3/4 cup, if there's anything I don't need, is animals going over junior weight!

Tessa & Kiah, I can't pose for the life of me. I'm trying to keep in mind, that rabbits that don't naturally pose themselves can have sturctural problems, but I'm just not seeing it. It was a very complementary cross, they are just VERY stubborn girls! From what I can gather they have great depth and all around nice body type, but I can't pick on one to keep until I can get them evaulated thoroughly. I do like Tessa's head/crown/ear better.

Henry is a nice guy, very typey and has a killer head coming in at 3 months old. I'd really like to send him to San Diego pre-sold, I really think someone can benefit from this Velotta/DeSurra/Sieber/Kitsemble cross (strictly those 4 lines, the best of the best!) I would love the person that takes this very nice boy off my hands to show/breed.

Sophie is a decent girl. Jet Puff has chewed her fur, but she wasn't going to be a show doe anyways. I'd like to keep her if I get room, but it is possible I will part with her, she was just a replacement for Ellie Mae.

Jet Puff has traditional BEW type, she's long and narrow in head and body, has long bone and not so great fur density or texture. But, she has great well-furred ears ears, a good crown and a decent topline! She actually looks like a Mini Lop which sends me jumping up-and down compared to my first stock. If all goes well, I hope to breed her in October or November. I have a few interested individuals so I'm hoping the whole litter sells.

Rylee is actually surprising me for a colored doe. I think it's quite evident I'm not a fan of breeding for color, but this doe I'm considering showing next weekend. We'll see what she looks like then.

Hayden is coming along nicely. Surely the result of a good cross, but I can't afford to keep him. He should make a really nice show/breeding buck.

Blue Crush is an awesome little boy from Amy, I can't be happier to have a nice BEW buck with good type to use. I got his pedigree a few days ago and realized how well-bred he is and why he looks the way he does. A huge thanks for parting with this cute guy!

Lila is coming along nicely. She is going through her uglies, I hope she pulls out nicely because right now I'd consider selling her. I just cant get over that head/crown/ear.

Ashylyn has turned around, making the final deicsion to keep her rather than her brother. I've even considered showing her next weekend.

Brianna needs to develop a little more before I'd like to show her (Stockton though?) which is why I think I will show Rylee instead, though she is very nice!

Money Maker keeps going back and forth, but I really think I will be keeping his solid brother, so I would like to sell him for San Diego. Need new pics of him, the one I do have of him is horrible.

Matthew is just drop dead gourgeous, and I am definately showing him at Crescent City and Stockton. Talk about a typey balanced buck and a lot going for him.

Alvin is coming out alright, not going to keep him so he is for sale, either locally or San Diego. I'm being really picky and weeding him out just because he doesnt have a wide enough head for my liking.

From Taylors litter, I plan to keep the doe, but will consider keeping a buck if there is one substantially better. I gave Taylor's remaining 3 to Kristie so I can focus on selling her. I plan on keeping 1 doe each from Kristie and Melinda's litter, but will be holding onto them for litters next year.

And that's it, I can't believe these guys are the last little ones for the rest of the year!! I'm hoping to make it home before San Diego entry deadlines, that way I'm not sending rabbits blind.... and I still need to find a reliable/trustworthy transporter... that is always hard.

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