Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2 litters, soon to be 3.

Smart Nicole has a litter of 8. All doing well. 3 are solids, look like 2 GT steel, a ST steel. 5 brokens, chocolate chestnuts, a gt steel and I think a chocolate chin.

Michelle had her litter by Zachary, 5 healthy ones. a couple solids and brokens, most likely all chestnuts.

HM1 recieved her box today. She was also bred to Zachary.

drug out a few more nestboxes to clean since Reflection and Reba are also bred.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where did the summer go?

Where I had left off, the fires had just started. About 3 weeks of hazardous air conditions hampered many summer activities. During the worst of it, my father was admitted to the hospital. Two surgeries, many cat scans/x rays, three blood transfusions (including 1 rejection and a blood type change), and even spending a night in critical care, he is doing much better and is ready to transfer to our neighboring hospital for the intensive physical therapy unit. Thursday will mark 2 months in this hospital and we're looking at 3-4 weeks in Medford. To make a long story short, its already well into fall, with craaazzzy weather (wet & cold so quick already!) and none of us, are prepared for whats in store. Thankfully the people at work, family and friends have got me through this stressful time in life.

I've been to 2 rabbit shows ... first was the CORBA show in Redmond, OR. I went primarily as a stress reliever and took the long way with a day in Corvallis with friends first. Nicole & Zach ended up sending me with a pair of Tans to see if I like the breed, but luckily the ML's are starting to pick back up. This next round of litters, will ultimately determine my future success with them. I feel like nothing in the barn is really worth keeping or competing with, since the shows I do get to attend are far and few between.
Second show was our local RVRF show in Grants Pass. I went solo on this show as it's primary people and folks I grew up with. I was really out of it this show though, and basically nothing notable happened. I did win a nestbox and 2 coffee mugs in the raffle - which is my best yet! I really needed the nestbox since some of mine are starting to fall apart after all of these years.

Smart Nicole started fall litters this morning with a litter of 8 chocolates by VE4. We sent VE4 down with Bob and he traded us a chocolate chestnut doe out of LHHR's Sergio which I sold him at Reno last year.

Michelle, HM1, Reflection & Reba are also bred, and only 3 does remain to get bred. 2 I dont forsee much problems with, but one in particular, Express, I've been trying to get her bred for over 6 months now. If she wasn't such a gorgeous doe, I'd probably have let her go by now.