Thursday, March 26, 2015

Here we go :)

It's officially spring. We're headed to our 3rd rabbit show of the year this weekend. I have a feeling this year is just going to fly by, so here goes it!

Pear Blossom RBA changed venues a few years ago. It was my first rabbit show (attending) so many years ago, when youth were huge and my cousin and I ran around like many children do today. I did do showmanship, I used my harlequin Dutch doe "Annie". I received a red -- I knew nothing about rabbits. WOW. What an adventure it has been.

This weekend I excused myself from judging. It's the 2nd time in my short career, but last week I amputated my thumb! Guess I have a sorry excuse. Thanks to some good friends, my EIGHT Mini Lops are being shown in 4 shows over the weekend. Other than spring nationals or convention, it is the largest local open entry I've ever put forth. Go big or go home right?

They're all solids, I entered Shelton (RebaAce), but I also entered Ace incase the competition is steep. I entered three junior bucks. A Lilac from Something Bad & Last Stand, & 2 chestnut brothers from Juliet and Ace. Honestly, it will be up to judges to sort these three out, they're all good. I purchased a SSD from Taelor Burt. I have to cull one of my biggest quality does (she had a bad issue with her last litter) so I felt I needed something to really replace her footsteps in my barn. I haven't purchased a ML in a while, so this will be a good test on how well I can purchase should I choose to do so this fall. I've admired Taelors rabbits for a while, the quality & effort she's put into her herd since a youth, so I figured why not. I entered her as well, it will be her last show before I breed her. I also entered two junior does, I had 3 but decided to cut one to swap in Ace. A lynx jr doe and a black jr doe.

I forgot to post results from my last show: I didn't personally attend, Nancy Russel took my entry down to Loleta & showed for me. Ace was BOSB Friday night, lynx jr doe won BOSV in one of the 3 shows, and Shelton won BOSB & BOB on Saturday.

After this weekend, all does will be preparing to be bred for Portland juniors. I have 2 RebaxAce does, the bigger JulietxAce doe, the new doe from Taelor & if Yahtzi didn't take I'll have her as well. I will also probably re-breed straight back SIW & Pearl. So if I go to any shows before state (like WCC or Canby or Rose City) I will probably be showing mostly bucks. Glad I have some good ones in there :)