Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting lost has it's advantages

Portland Oregon.... still not accustomed to that city. It's very easy to get lost. Many small cities surround Portland area, this was one of them. Upon getting lost in trying to come home, we came across this statue of liberty. We sure knew we hadn't made it to new york, but we were so far off of 1-5 it took us an extra 2 hours to get home!!!

Another Rising Star

This is "Mr. Miami". Miami is from Stitch and Gigi, two of the best animals in our barn. Miami has been a favorite since day one, being a unique color in the litter. He has a great body on him so far, wonderful fur, temperment, head and crown and ears are awesome on this boy. We're going to show him at Oregon State Convention. We hope he does well along with his sisters, who look very nice as well!!!

Getting things done

My statistics final project is winding down. I am pretty sure I am done. I have covered all needed aspects, now just onto the board. I don't have to present until next Thursday but the final paper on the project is due tomorrow morning.

My history project. Yeah, history and I do not mix. I picked Booker T. Washington's program and how Du Boi acted against it. Oh boy.

Natural Resources. A paper in illegal and legal immigration. I have until friday to do that. I will most likely start on it here soon.

Shifting gears; We still need to get the barn clean. I have my SAT this saturday and convention weekend follows. So it will be a couple more weeks before we can start on that.

Blue Bijou is doing an awesome job raising her and Black Pearls litters. We worried she would not have enough milk but it appears that all 10 have nice fat bellies. The bkn black of Black Pearls stands out in the litter of dilutes!

I will be uploading the pics from portland soon and will post. I also hope to get pics of our juniors we have from Cloey and Jenie. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Portland weekend

Maybe it was the fact that the show was memorial day weekend or maybe it was the fact the show was located in downtown Portland, but the show was smaller than I expected it to be. However; it didn't fail to be a good show. There were good judges and the best breeder competition you could ask for! My main complaint is NO ONE went to register their rabbits, so I couldn't finish up working for my registrar's license. I can only hope they will allow me to work at State Convention. It was good weather though, the Multnomah County Fair was crazy! (bigger than Oregon State Fair!) The bunnies did good. Hotel was good and the Youth show was decent this morning. :-o
Open A: Carol Green
BOB - Mist At Dawn
BOS - Stitch
Open B: George Germaine
BOB - Habanero
BOS - Stitch
Youth A: Carol Green
BOB - Mist At Dawn
BOS - Stitch
Youth B: Tom Keyes
BOB - Mist At Dawn
BOS - Stitch
BOB - Buddy (our Holland Lop!)
We are gearing up for Oregon State Convention in TWO WEEKs!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stress Level Rises

Portland Memorial-Day Weekend Show is coming up. We leave tomorrow evening. Meaning I have to have the buns loaded, in the truck and everything ready to go in speedy time. I am entering Honey, Bridget, Stitch, MAD, Hab and Buddy. I am bringing along an extra hole in case find a holland doe at the show. You never know :) I am working with registrar Becky Mccall.
But on top of all this, I have three major school projects due on tuesday (one at 6:30 a.m.!) and most of it requires a computer, which I will not have with me. So I am writing this, quite ironically in the time I am supposed to be doing my work. But I cannot concentrate, I am too stressed out.
On a better note, Black Pearl kindled today. 2 healthy broken kits :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Or. St. List

Believe we have our show entry ready for Oregon State Convention. Really just who we have been showing lately. We want to make this trip worthwhile, so we are entering a little more than we usually would, plus it's 4 shows.
Open A, B, C
Honey - SSD
Mr. Miami - SJB
Down In Kokomo - SJD
Arizona Sunset - BJD
Boomer - BSB
Hab - BSD
Stitch - SSB
Bridget - SSD
Gigi - BSD
Hollywood - SSB
PJ - Satin, Broken Jr. Doe
Buddy - Holland Lop, SSB

Our Newest Litter!

Our doe LHHR's Blue Bijou won BOB and Honorable Mention in Show at Emerald Empire's Youth show in March. We decided we would then breed her.
When I mention how NICE this litter should turn out to be, I only mean it. LHHR's Benvolio occurs on both top and bottom of the pedigree. Ben is from our cherished doe Venice. Blue Bijou has excellent type. She has a very small profile however so those "massive" does always give her a run for her money. The sire is LHHR's Lil' Hollister, who recently granded! The cross should turn out very well.

B.B. kindled to 8 kits today! All healthy and ALL dilutes as far as we can tell. She is doing an amazing job!

We're not sure what's up with Black Pearl, but hopefully she will kindle as well. :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rundown on Canby

For those of you who didn't attend, make plans to for Canby next year, as this year's was a great show!

The buns did well. Andre Von Arx had some really nice animals there. So did Nicole Velotta. I had some animals place very well in the large classes. The best was Habanero, who won BOSV in B. She is a homebred doe, JUST turned 6 months old a couple of days ago and this was her first time in a senior class. She kicked their butts. She is the youngest animal I have granded yet and I know she will have more success in the future.
Saturday or Sunday perhaps?
I have another show in Portland, OR to complete my work for licensing. I worked with Randy Shumaker yesterday. I got to work with Rex, Satin, Mini Satin, Engligsh Angora, French Angora, Polish, Tan and English Spot. I passed! This weekened I will work with registrar Becky Mccall. I actually registered MAD, Hab and Buddy with her yesterday and I'm sure I will have no problems with that this weekend.
Came home, Black Pearl and Blue Bijou are nesting. Renee was picked up at the show yesterday and she is settling in well. Eating and drinking fine, she is SUCH a sweetie and has the best cage of the house. Hopefully she was bred to Waltor, RGC with 10 legs.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Random thinkings

After some thinking if we would be making Canby, we ended up sending in our entry. I will be working with former ARBA Pres. Cindy Wickizer, as it does not appear our first choice will be available. We still plan to make it a weekend though, with lots to cover. Portland is still a discussion at the dinner table. Entries due this Thursday and Friday, so there is a lot to discuss!
On a more positive note, our juniors are looking very nice!!! The blue chin buck we have named Mr. Miami. He is going through a gwaky stage right now, but his big potential is there. His best features now are his head/ears/crown and fur! His chestnut sister, Down in Kokomo, is another nice doe! She has a wonderful body on her and has awesome crown definition. Their bkn chestnut sister, Arizona Sunset, came down with nestbox eye. This has not effected her at all (as she can still see for the most part). She also has a nice body and wonderful promise in the breeding area. Our Satin junior doe, (A BKN BLUE!!!!) Pacific Jewel "PJ" is turning around. She finally learned how to pose decently so we were able to get a good look at her! We are hoping she will add a lot to our small herd of Satins. Have 5 litters upcoming, 3 satin litters for meat pens and fryers at county fair, we also have 2 mini lop litters due the end of this month, from Blue Bijou and Black Pearl, sire to both is Lil' Hollister.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Canby here we come!

Canby's entry is due soon. We are entering:
Stitch; RGC 6 legs
Honey; 2 legs
Bridget; Reg. 2 legs
Boomer; RGC 3 legs
MAD; RGC 4 legs
Habanero; 3 legs
*Peppercini & Buddy are coming along to get registered. We will be picking up Renee! She will be bred to Waltor (RGC; 10 legs) before she leaves.
*I will be working with Randy as far as we know.
*The Petersens will get my buns to the table, THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Rogue Valley meeting tonite for our fall show. We will also be cutting some Satins tonight. Picking up some rabbit sales. STATE CONVENTION WEEKEND IS A GO!!!!! Got the days off and everything!!!!! Now to plan, LOL!
Gill has the pdf. versions of the catalog and entry form! View more info at

What else? AP Testing week is over and done. I cannot say that I did very well on the exams, but I do believe they were SUPPOSE to be hard. I think I did the best on Literature, of the three I took.

I am still trying to plan National Convention. We probably will not make any final decions until after state convention, but I'd really like to attend this year :)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Counting down the days

Spring has spring! And with LESS than a month to go of school, we are ever crawling the walls to get out of here! I am an outdoors person, and being stuck in school for 8 hours is a task itself. AP tests are next week. My statistics test is on tuesday, at noon. I feel semi-prepared for this test. My literature test is on thursday at 8 o'clock. I feel very competent and ready for this test. I was well prepared by my instructor. My united states history test is on friday at 8 o'clock, meaning I have to head to school early. This is the test I am least prepared for and not looking forward to. History and I do not click. That will complete next week and tie up three of my classes. Canby and Oaks Park will be rewarding weekends after these tests. Most instructors teach by the AP test, so once the test is given you pretty much have the extra three weeks to relax. My SAT is June 2nd. Oregon State Convention will be my reward for this. Then comes semester finals and the end of school finally on the 15th of June. Am I ready. Not really. Currently I am trying to finish a paper for a book I know little about. Funny eh?

May thoughts

:::The rabbits have been doing well.
:::We have to make some more cuts in the barn this weekend, just a few we will not be keeping. We will be replacing Jessica Simpson with her bkn blue daughter. We will not be keeping any of the bucks from Brittney's current litter, nor the two bucks we kept back from her last litter (she likes to throw bucks!!!).
:::Sanetti, Brittney and Ilana will be bred tomorrow for county fair meat pens and fryers.
:::Black Pearl and Blue Bijou were bred to Lil' Hollister, I'll check to see when they are due.
:::Have permission to work the Canby show. We are waiting approval to work with Randy Shumaker.
:::Speaking of the Canby show, it should be a good one :) Excited for the Mini Lop exhibitors and excited to work. I will pick up Renee here (YAY! Bred to one of Nicole's bucks!) and Stitch will get a breeding to one of her does. We are not sure who we are entering yet, but most likely it will be : Honey, Peppercnini, Boomer, MAD, Stitch, Briget, Habanero, LGRV2, LGRV3 and maybe the holland, Buddy? We will probably cut some from that list, but that is who we would like to show :)