Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our Newest Litter!

Our doe LHHR's Blue Bijou won BOB and Honorable Mention in Show at Emerald Empire's Youth show in March. We decided we would then breed her.
When I mention how NICE this litter should turn out to be, I only mean it. LHHR's Benvolio occurs on both top and bottom of the pedigree. Ben is from our cherished doe Venice. Blue Bijou has excellent type. She has a very small profile however so those "massive" does always give her a run for her money. The sire is LHHR's Lil' Hollister, who recently granded! The cross should turn out very well.

B.B. kindled to 8 kits today! All healthy and ALL dilutes as far as we can tell. She is doing an amazing job!

We're not sure what's up with Black Pearl, but hopefully she will kindle as well. :)

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