Saturday, May 5, 2007

May thoughts

:::The rabbits have been doing well.
:::We have to make some more cuts in the barn this weekend, just a few we will not be keeping. We will be replacing Jessica Simpson with her bkn blue daughter. We will not be keeping any of the bucks from Brittney's current litter, nor the two bucks we kept back from her last litter (she likes to throw bucks!!!).
:::Sanetti, Brittney and Ilana will be bred tomorrow for county fair meat pens and fryers.
:::Black Pearl and Blue Bijou were bred to Lil' Hollister, I'll check to see when they are due.
:::Have permission to work the Canby show. We are waiting approval to work with Randy Shumaker.
:::Speaking of the Canby show, it should be a good one :) Excited for the Mini Lop exhibitors and excited to work. I will pick up Renee here (YAY! Bred to one of Nicole's bucks!) and Stitch will get a breeding to one of her does. We are not sure who we are entering yet, but most likely it will be : Honey, Peppercnini, Boomer, MAD, Stitch, Briget, Habanero, LGRV2, LGRV3 and maybe the holland, Buddy? We will probably cut some from that list, but that is who we would like to show :)

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