Saturday, May 5, 2007

Counting down the days

Spring has spring! And with LESS than a month to go of school, we are ever crawling the walls to get out of here! I am an outdoors person, and being stuck in school for 8 hours is a task itself. AP tests are next week. My statistics test is on tuesday, at noon. I feel semi-prepared for this test. My literature test is on thursday at 8 o'clock. I feel very competent and ready for this test. I was well prepared by my instructor. My united states history test is on friday at 8 o'clock, meaning I have to head to school early. This is the test I am least prepared for and not looking forward to. History and I do not click. That will complete next week and tie up three of my classes. Canby and Oaks Park will be rewarding weekends after these tests. Most instructors teach by the AP test, so once the test is given you pretty much have the extra three weeks to relax. My SAT is June 2nd. Oregon State Convention will be my reward for this. Then comes semester finals and the end of school finally on the 15th of June. Am I ready. Not really. Currently I am trying to finish a paper for a book I know little about. Funny eh?

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