Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting things done

My statistics final project is winding down. I am pretty sure I am done. I have covered all needed aspects, now just onto the board. I don't have to present until next Thursday but the final paper on the project is due tomorrow morning.

My history project. Yeah, history and I do not mix. I picked Booker T. Washington's program and how Du Boi acted against it. Oh boy.

Natural Resources. A paper in illegal and legal immigration. I have until friday to do that. I will most likely start on it here soon.

Shifting gears; We still need to get the barn clean. I have my SAT this saturday and convention weekend follows. So it will be a couple more weeks before we can start on that.

Blue Bijou is doing an awesome job raising her and Black Pearls litters. We worried she would not have enough milk but it appears that all 10 have nice fat bellies. The bkn black of Black Pearls stands out in the litter of dilutes!

I will be uploading the pics from portland soon and will post. I also hope to get pics of our juniors we have from Cloey and Jenie. :)

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