Tuesday, July 24, 2012

*RIP* Rylee

Our beloved Rylee passed away on July 21st, 2012. She left behind a 5 week old litter by Remington. We were taken aback by her passing, because she truly was my favorite doe who brought be back from a low spot a few years ago. A back to back Best in Show, one being the West Coast Classic, was just what I needed to keep going and move forward. She is the sole reason I have colors in my herd today, because they CAN compete :) Rylee gave me 5 litters, all filled with joy. Today her GGG-babies were born by Carmelizer and Zeke. Rylee is rabbit that I will never forget for the wonderful impact she had on me, and the super sweet personality that she passed on to everyone of her offspring. :)

Friday, July 13, 2012


I usually stray from summer litters, but a month ago when I bred these does the temperatures were cold and I wasn't thinking ahead... Thankfully the weather has been rather decent lately and we hope it will continue to be mild.

Yesterday, Bell Pepper continued her family tradition and gave us 10 kits, no issues, all live, two in which are REW's!

Today, Guido kindled to 4, 2 broken, 2 solid & nothing dilute :(

All we have left to kindle is Carmelizer, who is due on the 23rd.

Have picked through and sold a couple of the juniors from Kirby and Houdini. All that will be available is a SJB & a SJD from Kirby. These & the seniors we have left for sale is all we are likely to offer for Kansas.

Going to be cleaning the barn, bringing back in some cages on my days off. The barn got a little disorganized and it's our plan to fix it back the way it used to be. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rest in Peace Stitch

Stitch passed away yesterday after a long life that only gave me the best. Nicole sent him my way at 10 weeks old, and by that winter he was already winning the big shows, he even traveled to Grand Rapids, MI in 2007. He produced 11 litters, that produced 11 known Grand Champions (there are more that I lost track of). 8 of 13 my current herd rabbits descend out of him & 3 of my current litters & the 2 upcoming descend out of him as well. This weekend he has GG & GGGGG children due. On the 23rd the most direct/latest will be GGG children due to Carmelizer. He will never be forgotten ♥

Kokomo *GC; 1st Best in Show winner
Mr. Miami *GC
            Pacific Pride
                                                                        Bell Pepper
                                                Hank Tank *GC
                                                            Old Bat

Lela *GC

x Easy Summer
            Dominic – 3rd SJB Mini Lop Nationals
            Last Minute – 7th SJD Mini Lop Nationals

x Maid Dignified
            Theodore *GC
                        Money Maker
            Titan *GC

Wall E
                        Carmelizer (due 7/10)

            Impulse *GC
                        Remus *GC
                                    Remington *GC         
                        Envy *GC
                                    Wyatt Earp *GC

+ several others that he studded out