Friday, July 13, 2012


I usually stray from summer litters, but a month ago when I bred these does the temperatures were cold and I wasn't thinking ahead... Thankfully the weather has been rather decent lately and we hope it will continue to be mild.

Yesterday, Bell Pepper continued her family tradition and gave us 10 kits, no issues, all live, two in which are REW's!

Today, Guido kindled to 4, 2 broken, 2 solid & nothing dilute :(

All we have left to kindle is Carmelizer, who is due on the 23rd.

Have picked through and sold a couple of the juniors from Kirby and Houdini. All that will be available is a SJB & a SJD from Kirby. These & the seniors we have left for sale is all we are likely to offer for Kansas.

Going to be cleaning the barn, bringing back in some cages on my days off. The barn got a little disorganized and it's our plan to fix it back the way it used to be. :)

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