Saturday, June 30, 2007

Best In Show!

LHHR's Down in Kokomo wins BEST IN SHOW A June 30th in CA. She was also given an honorable mention in show B! Way to go for this junior girl!
LHHR's Lil' Gigi (RGC 5 legs) x Velotta's ReCurring Vision (RGC 7 legs)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just one of those things

Cull : To remove undesirable rabbits from your herd.

Some breeders sell them as pets, some send them to the meat truck and some kill their undersirable rabbits for their own eating purposes. I had the chance to butcher some rabbits with my 4-H leader this morning. Not only is it extremely educational, but it was just one of those things that had to get done. My educational display and presentation will be on rabbit butchering. Above is Connie, one of my 4-H leaders English Lop bucks. No, he is not a cull. We were simply doing Florida Whites today. I just thought this photo was cute so I posted it.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Random thinkings

Ilana's two kids are doing well. Pretty dormant for satin babies, but they look so cute. Too bad we are getting rid of the coppers and reds, eh?

Blue Bijou's kids look *nice*. I really like the blue doe, but there is inquired interest in her so I have resorted to the Smoke Pearl doe. Maybe we will go down the road with shadeds after all? I also *really* like the bkn blue buck that is lightly marked. He has two spots around his nose, eye circles, colored ears and a little bit of color on his body. But I am really fond of him. I also like the bkn black buck from Black Pearl. {why am I liking all these bucks?} This will be her only litter with us as she's going to convetion.

We cannot update our website with AOL. We do not know when this problem will be resolved or *if* it will be resolved, so we went ahead and made a new one in the meantime. It has updated pictures, most updated for sale page and updated litters.

We have many litters coming up! Renee is doing an *EXCELLENT* job with her litter of 5. Only 5, but it'll do. There are 2 solid steels, 1 solid chestnut and 2 broken chestnuts. So cute! We doubt we will have any these at convention, but maybe.... we'll see.

Peppercini, Kaluah and Gigi are all due to Boomer in July. We're hoping Boomer goes pre-sold to convention. Actually I will rephrase that, I LOVE Boomer, but I have his daughter Habanero and 3 litters from him coming. Peppercini and Kaluah will be having their litters here, but will be going to convention soon after. I have also bred Cloey to Stitch, this will be her last litter with us before she travels to convention.

Sent in for the GC's on Hab, Mad and Renee. Also sent our for our Grand Rapids catalog!

Oregon Royalty teams will be picked by July 31st!!!

Have 4-H on Wednesday (rabbit) and on Friday. Suppose I better go plan a meeting for rabbits......

Friday, June 22, 2007

Obtaining a Registrar's License

An ARBA Licensed Registrar... who knows I'd ever be at this step. What do they do? They register rabbits (or cavies) according to the American Rabbit Breeders Assc. Standard of Perfection. They must obtain NO disqualifications (IE: broken toenail, white spot in colored area, abcess, missing tooth, wrong undercolor, wrong eye color.....the list goes on and on). You must examine the rabbit and if the rabbit qualifies (as long as the breeder qualifies with their card) and the pedigree is complete, you can then tattoo the rabbit with the "R" igsignia and fillout the necessary paperwork. The old fee used to be $4, as of July 1st, the price increases to $6. $3 goes to ARBA and $3 goes to the registrar. AND, a registrar can register their own rabbits if they wish.

I think I have told my story on how I went about going for my registrars license..... But basically it goes Judge Vern Palmblad told me last summer that I should go for mine, that ARBA is in need of new judges and registrars. He told me I'd be good for the job. A few weeks earlier I had actually pulled out all my info and told myself I met all the requirements, I just didn't think I could pass the test, or even be approved to take the test. I laugh at that now....

So the 1st step is to contact the ARBA. The simplest way is to call, or if you are connected to the internet you can give them an e-mail at . They are nice people there and if you explain what you want "to obtain your registrar's licence", they will send you an application ASAP. (I got mine in less than a week!). The only thing is you have to be a member of the ARBA for atleast three years.

So it has room for your personal contact info, you fill that out. You then must obtain 20 signatures of adult ARBA members. This is easiest done at a show. I got mine done before the show even started when everyone was standing around mingling. I also got to talk to some new people I had never even met, I just wanted their signature... ha ha!

They ask you dumb questions like if you are color blind..... Don't mark no... ha ha! And you have a preference to your examning judge... (I got who I asked for mine because he's our Dist. 1 director and a judge... ha ha...) You sign & send in $25. They will send you a letter ASAP. You then have 2 years to take your tests {pass}, work under three judges and one registrar. Simple right?

So then there's the test. You have to contact your examining judge when you are ready to take it. But how do you know when you are ready? When you have memorized every word and picture of the Standard of Perfection and Better Guide to Rasing Rabbits and Cavies, better yet the ARBA Yearbook?! It really sounds like a lot to learn, basically when the questions are over a broad area! There are tips to studying: use flashcards, make a booklet, take quizzes online (Pam Nock offers many on her website!), read and re-read the SOP, have your friends quiz you. Acronyms worked REALLY well for me, the funnier they are, the better. Heck, even order the "Registrar's Study Guide" created by Allen Mesick himself, with the help of Eric Stewart. I find this a good refernce to show what can be on the test. It offers a few tests, great pictures and a outline of the breed. It is really compiled well to be understandable and "friendly" (the SOP is
"unfriendly")... And for those students, you can take it out at school and it looks like a spiral notebook, don't know how many ODD looks I got pulling out my SOP (yes, I studied at school *nerd*). You can order one from ARBA They are $15 I am pretty sure I paid. Worth it if you want to pass, eh? If you want a study buddy, or more ideas on how to study, E-MAIL ME!

What are the tests? The written test is 100 multiple choice questions. They can include: standards for each breed, the registration process, the system and it's requirements, general and breed-specfic disqualifications. One really should have a good idea of what all the breeds are, (have SEEN them in person) know a few colors, know how they move, how they are posed. This will give you a better picture in your mind when you are taking your test.
Then there is the oral test. Now this can really be open ended, but basically it tests your knowledge on a few breeds (you have to TALK!) and prove that you can tattoo a rabbit. I had to give comments on a junior animal, answer some questions about the breed, and then tattoo in the RIGHT ear! (that was different!) Since my examining judge only had one breed in the barn, and I raise them myself... that wasn't all that tough. I assume it could be harder depending on who you get :)

Am I missing anything..... Oh yeah... what I just went through....
So... you pass the test (don't give me any of that, "no I won't") because you have studied!
The ARBA sends you a letter telling you how many you got right and if you passed. (You need to get atleast a 70%). If you passed, enclosed will be four sealed envelopes. 3 for the judges you work under and 1 for the sole registrar you work for. Put your name and adress on the outside of them, because whats on the inside is confidental!

So you want to work under Pork Chop, judge #xxx at a certain show. You must first contact the show superiendentant and ask permission to work under a judge. Then contact the judge and ask if they are working if anyone, if not, then ask to work under them! Usually judges are really nice and will say yes, infact some jump for joy that you have considered them! Then contact the super again and say you have permission to work under this judge. Repeat these steps for all three judges and registrar.

Working with the judges.... Come with your SOP, an apron, your hair up (if applicable) and get ready to get dirty and have a fun time. Keep a SMILE on your face, you are behind the judges table! They will have you check for DQ's (they will espeicially be watching your handling skills) and they may have you tell them what you think of the class (or animal) OR they have the option of having you comment and place classes! Open your SOP and browse through the breed standard first (it's OKAY to do that, and it looks good) Not everyone is going to remember everything and you may have never seen this breed before!!! Working under the registrar I found the easiest part. You have to observe a few be registered, then you are all on your own. Check card, pedigree, weigh animal, check animal (thoroughly) record weight on paper and check tattoo agrees with pedigree. This animal passes? Tattoo him and continue filling out the paperwork. Write neat! Have the owner proofread, sign and pay. The judge or registrar have the right to tell you if you passed or not. (2/4 told me if I did).

So you work under your judges and then what... wait for the paper to say you have completed the ness. requirements and you are now registrar #xxx. I am at that point right now. Waiting for my paperwork... geez.....

So... I had a wonderful time taking my tests and working! My examining judge was Roger Hasenpflug, I worked under Joy Ekstrom, Vern Palmblad and Randy Shumaker as judges. I worked under Registrar Meadow Gustafson. I learned a ton from each of them. I found working under the judges first was easier for me, and getting to a show where there will be plenty of rabbits to register was hard for me. I even had planned to work one show but only three people registered rabbits, so I had to work at Oregon State Convention!

So that's my speal, hope you had fun reading. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Long day

So... barn needed it's seasonal clean. 10 hours later, the majority is done. Manure is out of the barn (just a couple of trays left), cages were taken out, sprayed, scrubbed, dried and put back in place. Nestboxes were re-cleaned. We will be needing them soon! New cage tags were made since I have ever since moved rabbits around a zillion times. Bottles were cleaned, carriers were cleaned and put back on the shelf, took stock of what we have and "don't need". Babies were sexed, checked out. Juniors were re-evaluated. Floor still needs to be swept... hmmm.... Other than that though we are all good. Many of beautiful rabbits in the barn. Renee was acting more squirrley. Perhaps she will finally kindle tonight.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keepers... needing names

This is a Broken Blue S. Tp'd Buck from Jenie and Lil' Hollister. I really like his Opal buck just a tad better, but I like this guy a lot as well!!! So I may keep him, but I may not. If the right show/breeding home comes along I would be willing to part with him. For now he stays though. This is a Broken Blue Doe from Cloey and Hollywood. She shows me nice type and promise.
Now this is a Opal Buck from Jenie and Lil' Hollister and I like him a lot!!! He has a great body on him, good head/crown for a junior boy and awesome color! He also as a sweet temperment.
This is a Broken Smoke Pearl Steel Doe. What a color! And not only what a color, but what a body, head/crown on this doe. She has compact type, great depth and width. I also like the HQ on this doe.
All of the juniors above need names; feel free to help me out!

Such Cuteness

TNT's Ilana (Reg. Red) x Magee's Porky (Reg. Bkn Red)

These are cute babies in the box!

Also in the box from B.B. and Black Pearl are:

Bkn Black - buck, Blue - Doe, Blue/Smoke Pearl Steel - Doe, Blue/Steel - Doe, Broken Blue (lighter marked) - Buck, 3 Broken Blue Does, 1 Broken Blue Buck.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random notes

We bred Kaluah to Boomer yesterday.. maybe it was the day before. We bred Peppercini to Boomer today... we are glad she finally took to a buck.
What does this mean? Yes, we are considering selling Boomer. We have Hab and Peppercini to pass on his wonderful, wonderful temperment and we have many inquires from the east for rabbits.

Ilana's two kits are doing well. A Red and Bkn Red.

Blue Bijou is doing an awesome job with her 9.

Renee is nesting and getting squirrley. She is due the 17/18th. I want to again thank Nicole for this awesome breeding! (some of these may be ready for Convention!!)

Porky was going down hill, for no apparent reason. My dad diagnosed it as severe depression. Porky is a lady's man, we gave him to Brittney and he has been perking up and gaining that weight back up. They are still together and doing fine. So as long as Porky is looking better it's all good.

I am pretty sure I got straight A's 2nd semester. I am really proud of myself, even with all those rabbit shows I attended!

Our next show is at the end of the month. We hope to take some rabbits with us to sell, and we're hopin to get some competition.... so we'll see.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Like father, like son

Velotta's ReCurring Vision "Stitch" - RGC with 7 legs! Stitch is a wonderful, wonderful buck that Nicole Velotta gave me last fall. Boy I cannot thank her enough! Stitch performed his first breeding at 4 months, to Gigi, which resulted in 4 *beautiful* babies.
The result....
LHHR's Mr. Miami - This guy made his big debut this weekend, winning BOS in Oregon State Convention's A show! (He also placed 1st in B & C shows). He's got plenty of more developing to do, but if it's any idea that he will be just like his daddy, then I think we have enough reasons to keep him. He is a blue chinchilla as well!

And the winner is...

Habanero won her 5th leg this winning, winning BOSV in A. She was truly deserving of this win :) This is her on the historic Nye Beach in Newport!

Oregon State Convention!

A: Jeff Jewett
BOB: "Sensation" Owned by Joy Ekstrom. Daughter of LHHR's Mackenzie (LHHR's Rainier x Velotta's Dean)
BOS: "Mr. Miami" He's only 3 1/2 months old!!!
BOSV: "Habanero" Her 5th leg!

B: Tom Keyes
BOB: "Sensation" Owned by Joy Ekstrom. Daughter of LHHR's Mackenzie (LHHR's Rainier x Velotta's Dean)
BOS: "Stitch" His 7th leg! (his son was BOS in A!!)

Youth: Scott Wibenson
BOB: (Satin) "Pacific Jewel" He said if she had the coat on her he would have considered her further, shes just 3 1/2 months as well.

Other than that the judges conference went well, I did well in Royalty (Going to Grand Rapids!!!!), the Banquet and Auction went well, and Sunday shows were just as good. The beach was awesome and I couldn't have had a better time!

BIS A: Diana Mortensen/Karen Fegles - Grants Pass, OR - FLORIDA WHITE
RIS A: Kelly Rooke - Cornelius, OR - ENGLISH SPOT

BIS B: Diana Mortensen/Karen Fegles - Grants Pass, OR - FLORIDA WHITE
RIS B: Roger Hassenpflug, Medford, OR - SATIN

BIS Y: McKenna Frantz - Tigard, OR - HOLLAND LOP
RIS Y: McKenzie Bell - Bend, OR - MINI REX

{I did not stay for the conclusion as I had a 5 hr drive home}

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Random Notes

Ilana is nesting well. We expect babies soon.
We cannot tell if Sanetti is pregnant. We sure hope so.
We think Brittney missed.

We have cut our 8 ML picks into 4 now. We plan on keeping the Opal Buck, Blue Steel Buck, Smoke Pearl Steel Doe and Blue Doe.

Finals are next week. Which means school will be out Wednesday. Only 4 days left, I hope I can survive!

OREGON STATE CONVENTION is this weekend! We are super excited and are ready for fun things to happen! I plan to make it one he** of a weekend, so I will come back with pictures and blogs!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

What did I do?

I'm always very good about writing down dates that I bred does. Usually I have it on my calendar, on my website or on the rabbits cage. I always have a box in the cage 3 days before the due date.I go out to feed tonite, I notice the three does I bred aren't eating well. I get to thinking and a light bulb clicks on in the back of my brain, I bred these does! And so I was about to e-mail the breeder in which I used his bucks because for the life of me I couldn't remember, but I finally remembered it was right after the Monroe show, so I was able to figure out the dates, AND. . . So they are due tomorrow or wednesday. I gave them boxes and they went to nesting immediately, running around crazily until they got dizzy. Poor does. All they wanted to do was to prepare for their babies!