Monday, June 25, 2007

Random thinkings

Ilana's two kids are doing well. Pretty dormant for satin babies, but they look so cute. Too bad we are getting rid of the coppers and reds, eh?

Blue Bijou's kids look *nice*. I really like the blue doe, but there is inquired interest in her so I have resorted to the Smoke Pearl doe. Maybe we will go down the road with shadeds after all? I also *really* like the bkn blue buck that is lightly marked. He has two spots around his nose, eye circles, colored ears and a little bit of color on his body. But I am really fond of him. I also like the bkn black buck from Black Pearl. {why am I liking all these bucks?} This will be her only litter with us as she's going to convetion.

We cannot update our website with AOL. We do not know when this problem will be resolved or *if* it will be resolved, so we went ahead and made a new one in the meantime. It has updated pictures, most updated for sale page and updated litters.

We have many litters coming up! Renee is doing an *EXCELLENT* job with her litter of 5. Only 5, but it'll do. There are 2 solid steels, 1 solid chestnut and 2 broken chestnuts. So cute! We doubt we will have any these at convention, but maybe.... we'll see.

Peppercini, Kaluah and Gigi are all due to Boomer in July. We're hoping Boomer goes pre-sold to convention. Actually I will rephrase that, I LOVE Boomer, but I have his daughter Habanero and 3 litters from him coming. Peppercini and Kaluah will be having their litters here, but will be going to convention soon after. I have also bred Cloey to Stitch, this will be her last litter with us before she travels to convention.

Sent in for the GC's on Hab, Mad and Renee. Also sent our for our Grand Rapids catalog!

Oregon Royalty teams will be picked by July 31st!!!

Have 4-H on Wednesday (rabbit) and on Friday. Suppose I better go plan a meeting for rabbits......

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