Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random notes

We bred Kaluah to Boomer yesterday.. maybe it was the day before. We bred Peppercini to Boomer today... we are glad she finally took to a buck.
What does this mean? Yes, we are considering selling Boomer. We have Hab and Peppercini to pass on his wonderful, wonderful temperment and we have many inquires from the east for rabbits.

Ilana's two kits are doing well. A Red and Bkn Red.

Blue Bijou is doing an awesome job with her 9.

Renee is nesting and getting squirrley. She is due the 17/18th. I want to again thank Nicole for this awesome breeding! (some of these may be ready for Convention!!)

Porky was going down hill, for no apparent reason. My dad diagnosed it as severe depression. Porky is a lady's man, we gave him to Brittney and he has been perking up and gaining that weight back up. They are still together and doing fine. So as long as Porky is looking better it's all good.

I am pretty sure I got straight A's 2nd semester. I am really proud of myself, even with all those rabbit shows I attended!

Our next show is at the end of the month. We hope to take some rabbits with us to sell, and we're hopin to get some competition.... so we'll see.

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