Friday, June 29, 2012


Life since Oregon State ...

I had my last final of my collegiate career. I graduated on Sunday the 17th with my bachelors in Animal Science. Moved home on Monday. Had family visiting the entire week.


I picked up my black doe from Lisa & bkn opal buck from Sara on Wednesday. They were picked up at Washington State Convention and brought down to Corvallis.

I sorted through Kirby & Houdini's litter & found 4 to keep from each (for now). Im going to try to not look at them for a week, and go through them again.

Bell Pepper, Guido & Carmelizer are all bred. We might hold off breeding our last 2 does until September.

Have my Convention Sales list ready & posted. Can't believe it's already that time of year!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oregon State Convention!

60 is 40 more than 20, which is what Velotta's Twitch gained this weekend, his 60th leg. Nicole also picked up a Best in Show & Reserve in Show with her Twitch daughter, Cherie! (among many other wins). Congrats Nicole on all of your winnings!

I gained 2 legs on my Solid Jr Doe, whom I had named Zealia but became Tracy's Old Bat on Sunday. I originally had not entered her, but had a SJD scratched so thanks to Nicole for making me enter her!
Zachary was 1st in his class and received amazing comments from all judges. Natalie, placed as high as 3rd in the BJD classes but isn't as solid of a doe as I thought she was, so we are going to go with our original feeling and go ahead and sell her. She would make a great Breeding doe, or a pretty competitive show rabbit (in open), or a great Youth rabbit! Bell Pepper came as high as 2nd in her class on Sunday, but with her molt she just didn't have that icing on the cake.

Oh, other than winning.

I had a lot of FUN! I brought up some rabbits to look at since we all get "barn-blind" occasionally and I was right originally to keep Old Bat and part with Natalie. I was already getting Crush (Grizz x Danger) from Nicole, but when she looked at my Lilac GT Steel Doe she decided she wanted her :) I was going to keep her home, but I ended up bringing her because I just kept second guessing myself. But Nicole needed her more in her herd, than I needed her in mine. That's what's important, to recognize what you need to improve ;)

I ended up keeping Guido and breeding her to Remington. Remi's depth will balance out all of Guido's width, so I'm asking for a nicely typed dilute buck that carries chocolate. Wouldn't that be cool?!

Went out to dinner on Saturday, had a nice hotel to stay in that night. It seemed more pleasing than driving an hour back home to return the next morning. I chatted with breeders whom I hadn't seen in forever and met a few judges I only knew by name.

I got home pretty early on Sunday. Enough to go get hay and rabbit feed. I had 3 free bag coupons so I only paid $57 for 6 bags!!!

I bred Bell Pepper and Guido, Rylee is due on the 14th. Houdini's litter is 3 seals, 1 chin & 1 Blue chin.

I graduate on Sunday! Life sure gets interesting from here on out!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Long time, no post!

Well, it's JUNE!

I submitted my thesis yesterday. I present next Friday the 8th. After I'm done I have to jump in my car and drive to my parents house to load up the rabbits for Oregon State Convention! I'm excited!

I graduate on June 17th. It's all a scary thought, really!

Rabbits ...

I'm starting to build back up the herd. I cut down quite a bit this spring in plans for graduate school. I currently have 10 breeding/show stock, and 2 litters

Kirby has a litter of 9 (5 does, 4 bucks), all chestnut to Remington.
Houdini has a litter of 5, all solids to Remington.
Rylee is due 6/13 to Remington. She missed last go around and this is a test breeding to see if she can still produce.

I'm adding in a Blue Chinchilla Jr Buck from Nicole next weekend. He's an outcross buck, but he's out of two stunning rabbits, a DeSurra buck and Harmon doe! I also am adding another surprise coming from the WA State Convention, but I'll discuss that later.

I will be breeding Bell Pepper next weekend. To what buck is to be decided. But I won't get to any shows until the fall and I'd like to get her started right away on motherhood.

That's really about it, except that we have 5 does for sale (contact me) and a couple promising juniors that we're growing out. I'll be doing a huge barn clean/rearrangement hopefully before the end of the month.