Saturday, April 19, 2014


Down to 5 Mini Lops, officially. Zachary, Reflection, Reba, Syrah, and Kallie. Have 6 jrs I am growing out and might keep 2 of them. 3 are sold for Reno. I might pick up a doe to borrow to keep the lops going.

Meat rabbits, we have the 6 Cals, and I also traded some culls for a white Satin doe bred to a Champagne buck, and traded a registration for a American Chinchilla doe and her 5 babies.So we'll be on our feet in no time with a litter to grow up and one on the way. The Cals are growing by leaps and bounds. Put them on Purina Professional and I forgot, forgot how much I loved this feed. Since all of the meat rabbits will be on it, having a few extra lops on it shouldn't cost too much, so we're considering making it a permanent switch. Still have a lot to think on.

Reno is creeping up. A lot of my plans shattered due to work, but Ill still get to go down for a night and Sunday. So more business than pleasure. But it'll be the last year in Reno so super excited.

Need to have a bit of work done on my car first. Creeping up on 100K miles so a little bit of preventative maintenance will go a long way.

We're all a go for Roseburg/Oregon State Convention. Super excited for it :) Might hold Kallie off from breeding and that would be her last show.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Up from here :)

So I finally got down to 7 Mini Lops and I celebrated early by picking up some Californians. I picked up 6 from Kassi Sieber and then a jr doe from a friend of a friend. Im hoping to go into full-time meat production to feed my family and my dog. Its my goal and a bit more of a hope.

I have to have the rabbits be "profitable" in some way. Ive been putting so much feed into them and not getting anything out as far as sales or show results.

Pear Blossom RBA/Western Frontier was good. Kallie (michelle x zachary) picked up 4 legs. I ended up judging on Sunday so thanks to Heather for getting my girl to the table. Little Todd won all shows.

Count-down for Reno is on. Super excited. :)