Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Up from here :)

So I finally got down to 7 Mini Lops and I celebrated early by picking up some Californians. I picked up 6 from Kassi Sieber and then a jr doe from a friend of a friend. Im hoping to go into full-time meat production to feed my family and my dog. Its my goal and a bit more of a hope.

I have to have the rabbits be "profitable" in some way. Ive been putting so much feed into them and not getting anything out as far as sales or show results.

Pear Blossom RBA/Western Frontier was good. Kallie (michelle x zachary) picked up 4 legs. I ended up judging on Sunday so thanks to Heather for getting my girl to the table. Little Todd won all shows.

Count-down for Reno is on. Super excited. :)

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