Monday, September 13, 2010

My last 2 weeks of freedom!

Thanks to Tracy & Sara for letting Nicole and I sleep on your floor. We'll make reservations next time, ha ha!

In the A Show, Nicole won BOB with Nell. In the B show, I won BOSB with Hank Tank. My Checkered Giant was the only one, but I entered him for breed exposure only. Jill's blue Dutch doe won BOB both shows. Nicole & Sarah's Silver Marten by Pyro won Reserve in Show in B. Not too shabby right?

I also picked up my Silver Martens; Pyro and Maddy. They are bred to super Arson. I can't thank Sarah & Nicole enough for doing that for me. Hopefully, if they take & kindle successfully, I should have a good start to the breed. I am picking up a junior Marten at Convention from a breeder to be discussed later ;)
I also picked up a colored ML buck, from Becky Jones. He is a GC Bkn Opal, who isn't too shabby. I can't wait to breed Rylee to him :)

I picked up 6 plastic J feeders from Tracy. I needed them for my stacker in Corvallis. Jill was kind enough to make space in her barn so I don't have to do the 6 hour RT drive to pick up rabbits to show at the northern shows.

I have 20 holes at home. Here is what should be staying there :


Brianna – due 10/11

Lea Ann – due 10/9

Wall E



Maddy – due 10/1

Pyro – due 10/1

Robin (DOB 3/19)

Bruce (DOB 4/8)

For my 6 holes in Corvallis:

Hank & Lila


Melinda & Nemo


After culling, I should have 10 holes open to grow out juniors in. That is without sales, so if I sell what I have for sale, that should give me an additional 3-4 holes or so.

So.... that's really the lay down before I start my 3rd year of college. I'm only taking 12 credits, but they are grueling, so if I don't post often, you'll know what I'm up to :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ready to go!

A lot has happened since my last post.

Most importantly, I worked my first 2 shows last weekend at Crescent City.

I didn't enter any Mini Lops, there simply was no competition. I worked under Randy and Allen, where both days were equally stressful, I learned a lot and walked away a happy kid.

Tuesday I packed my car. It included 3 double stackers knocked down. a 4 hole, 3 3 holers, and a single. Plus feed, my duffle bag me and lots of other misc. things.

I put my cages together Wednesday afternoon. It didn't take me all that long, but when the night was done, my lops were in their cages, fed, watered and happy.

Today I reorganized my car, got my stuff ready for the weekend.

Leaving for La Grande tomorrow. Dropping off some Satins and picking up some Mini Lops before I get on I-205. Once you get on I-84 the scenery is BORING and so I have my tunes selected for a solo 5 hour drive over to the east side.

I'm showing 2 Mini Lops, a Checkered Giant and 3 Dutch for Jill. Dropping off some EL, picking up some HL. I probably won't head down south until Monday mid morning, so in the meantime I will work on my cages and groom some bunnies.

I am picking up a new ML buck from Becky Jones and 2 Silver Martens from Sarah & Nicole. I also bred Lea Ann to Dominic yesterday... so will have lots of litters upcoming!