Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ready to go!

A lot has happened since my last post.

Most importantly, I worked my first 2 shows last weekend at Crescent City.

I didn't enter any Mini Lops, there simply was no competition. I worked under Randy and Allen, where both days were equally stressful, I learned a lot and walked away a happy kid.

Tuesday I packed my car. It included 3 double stackers knocked down. a 4 hole, 3 3 holers, and a single. Plus feed, my duffle bag me and lots of other misc. things.

I put my cages together Wednesday afternoon. It didn't take me all that long, but when the night was done, my lops were in their cages, fed, watered and happy.

Today I reorganized my car, got my stuff ready for the weekend.

Leaving for La Grande tomorrow. Dropping off some Satins and picking up some Mini Lops before I get on I-205. Once you get on I-84 the scenery is BORING and so I have my tunes selected for a solo 5 hour drive over to the east side.

I'm showing 2 Mini Lops, a Checkered Giant and 3 Dutch for Jill. Dropping off some EL, picking up some HL. I probably won't head down south until Monday mid morning, so in the meantime I will work on my cages and groom some bunnies.

I am picking up a new ML buck from Becky Jones and 2 Silver Martens from Sarah & Nicole. I also bred Lea Ann to Dominic yesterday... so will have lots of litters upcoming!

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