Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home is where the heart is

I've been home for a week now, hard to believe.

Friday I took my final, I did so well & was just entirely happy to be done.
I sold my car that afternoon.
Saturday morning I went down & got a new car. I drive the one home I wanted from the start :)

Sunday & Monday were primarily to relax even though both of those were filled with work.

Tuesday I went down to county fair. I went all day Wednesday to help out. I even got to pick Best in Show. I skipped Thursday, I had to get other things done. I went all day friday and half of Saturday. Through this week I discovered that I am getting old, that just two years away from fair is too much and I needed conditioning! I surely missed it though but had such good times :)

Saturday I did some judging stuff. Today I used what I learned and went through my litters again. I started with 10, ended up with 3. 2 broken does from Briana and 1 solid doe from Madonna.

Rylee is doing good with her litter. Finally out of the box and active.

Melinda! I put her box in on the 18th, rather late as she was due the 19th. She never attempted to nest, pull fur, no blood or placenta. She is on a 3rd level cage, so I never checked up on her because I simply thought she missed. I'm willing to admit that, everyone makes mistakes.
I went to remove her box today AND.... she has 2 babies. A solid and a broken. Since I never bumped her feed up, they are rather small/weak, but I'm hoping now that I know that they are there, they will get a good feeding tonight and start improving. I'd hate to lose them.

It's odd for Melinda, her only having 2. And not making any attempt at a nest. It has been cooler weather and she is a 5 time great mom, so I'm not sure what's up!

Just doing some show planning and trying to reduce numbers still. I lost my convention transport so I have some animals in need of quicker sale.

That's all I have for now. I will be busy with cleaning the barn(s) and regular life these next few weeks, but I thought I would update!

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