Sunday, March 28, 2010

And school begins again....

I am not ready for tomorrow to come; I am not ready for spring term to start! April is going to be one long month. On Monday, Wednesday & Friday I have class from 8am to 1pm. I then go to work from 1pm to around 5 pm (or later, depending on the day). On Tuesdays & Thursdays, I am TA'ing a few labs, so I'm busy from about 10am, have a break at 3, have a course lab at 4pm, and then my Steer-A-Year starts from 5:30-8pm or later. Thursdays its the same only I'm done at 5. All of my weekends are full from this weekend on.

Today is my last day of "freedom" because even if I'm not in class, working, doing an academic related extra-curricular activity, I'm busy in interviews, 4-H meetings or traveling. If there has been one thing I've learned @ college it's been time management.

So as I gather my stuff and prepare for tomorrow & the weeks to come, if you don't hear from me in a while, it's because I'm busy --- not because I fell off a cliff. Perhaps I will get too stressed & have to vent :)

The website is updated. Take a look!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The only shot of Sid even half-ways sitting still. He is so curious & loves to move!

He's such a pretty boy! We tried breeding Roxy to him but she was not interested, so hopefully when I go home next time she is! I really want little Holland babies!

Bunny Updates!

Did a photo-shoot while I was home. Everyone was in need of a new photo! Website is updated.... but I wanted to show them off with my thoughts!
Stitch - looking pretty good for his old age!
Melinda - was bred to Matthew for an April litter!
a cute little buck!
Rylee - just one shot of her.... so beautiful! Will be shown @ the PBRBA show on 4/10. Then will likely be bred.
Brianna - will be shown @ PBRBA on 4/10
2 Chestnut Does from Kristie & Money Maker
Buck (left) & Doe (right)
Funny story about this buck.... I had to cull half the litter. I decided I wanted to keep a doe since I was buck heavy... so I threw out the boys... but then I said "What if?" and I pulled this little guy out & the very first time I looked @ him I said "a baby Twitch" and he went back in his mommy's cage! Kristie is Twitch's mom, and Money Maker is Twitch's son, and I think it was an *excellent* cross :) He doesn't look as good in this picture as the first time I posed him up, but you get the idea :)
Kristie - looking beautiful on her litter
Theodore :)
Dream Maker - my new buck from Amy! He carries chocolate and we have intentions of breeding Rylee to him!
Matthew - will be leaving for WCC @ the end of the month. So we bred him to Melinda :)
Henry - will be for sale after we breed his mom to him (which we think will be a nice cross).
Madonna - my new doe from Amy! She was bred by Lisa & is out of Bam-Bam and Dagwood. Can't wait to use her!
Obnoxious - looks funny in this picture but she wasn't too cooperative. Will be breeding her to Henry probably sometime in April

Spring Break!

Seattle, WA
Space Needle
LOVE the zoom on my camera.... that's my car (the silver one) from the top the Space Needle!

Started Friday morning :)
I went to WA to see my sister. We ended up going to Seattle for the day :)

Stopped on the way back & got a pair of Mini's from Amy :D

Sunday morning I left for home. Monday the lady who is buying my horse came over & I decided it was legit... no tears came. She won't be leaving right away, so that is good!

The rest of the week yielded work.... But I did get time with the bunnies!

My spring break was NOT long enough.... but I got my bunny fix & decided who I am going to show at Pear Blossom. Also culled the litters in half so I am still at a reasonable amount of bunnies :)

Registered a ton of rabbits yesterday... have to re-order & hope they get to me in time for the show.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost done!

4 finals down, with 1 to go on Thursday evening! So far this week has gone well, but now begins studying for my "real" final that's left.

On Friday, I will be driving up to Beaverton to drop off my roommate. I will then head through Portland to drive up to central Washington to see my sister and nieces! I think it will be a good relaxation/fun couple of days. On my way home, I am stopping to pick up a pair of Mini Lops (will have more information soon :) ) to add to the herd. So I'm pretty excited about that.

Sunday morning I will leave Corvallis bright and early to head for home. I am so excited to see my rabbits! I will also be meeting the lady that is potentially buying my horse.... it will be a sad day, but hopefully & truly it is the right home.

During spring break, I will be truck shopping with my dad. I need a new vehicle, and I need a truck in general, so we're going to go 'shop' but not buy yet. I think I might have some good news by April 11th or so in that department though! Just got to wait until after tuition is paid before I know how much I can spend.

April 6th I have an interview for a summer job up here in Corvallis. Wish me luck as I hope I really get it! Also by then, we hope to hear back from the sheep unit pertaining this fall for living & work status. I can combine this deal with where I'm currently working.

I found out I can take some easy required classes at the community college, and their summer prices do not increase and its cheaper than the university so I hope to take about 7-10 credits while working full time. I also already know which classes I am taking this fall.

Having things planned out, even just the 'big' details makes life SO much SIMPLER (for the already stressed college student). I hate going around not knowing what my plans are, but now that things are falling into place I feel so "secure" and feel that not even a second of my time here is wasted.

That's all. Just a procrastination post... but back to studying!

Monday, March 8, 2010

11 days until Home!

My oh my am I exhausted! School has just ripped me apart these last few weeks, combined with work and all of my other activities when next Thursday evening rolls around there will be reason to celebrate! I am most definitely excited for a break, and not ready to start another 10 weeks, even though it will be a very good 10 weeks (I hope!). I am starting my new job (working at the university meat center) as a TA for 3 classes and working regularly the other 3 days of the week. I am done lambing, so no more waking up early!

Relating to rabbits.... first off, no I am not going to Myrtle Point next weekend; though many of my friends are, so I wish them good luck. I have 3 finals on Monday, so there is just no way I can afford to go.

I am fearing that I might have to re-home Sid, at least with one of my 4-H'ers. Potty training him has not been successful, with rising temps keeping him indoors is just no bueno! Plus I had to scrub off the walls as I don't think he sprays, but since he won't urinate in his box, he gets it on his feet and then flicks it off... Embarrassing I must say, but I don't know what else to do; I can't keep him outside. I am hoping I can convince the roommates to let Roxy have her litter here.... I will have to buy a bigger kennel, and figure out how this can work out!
Kristie has 8 of 9 babies. My parents sent me some pics, they look mostly like solid & broken chestnuts, though there might be some chins? That is the quality of phone pictures, but it does for now! I am so happy she is being a great mom, and I can't wait to see these little guys in person!

My dad picked up my remaining 4 of Maid Dignified & Dominic's babies. There are 2 blacks, a Chestnut and a Broken Black! I haven't had a Bkn Black in forever, so maybe this will just be the one! I don't know sexes, and I do have some pictures!! I am just so happy to see them home and in good hands now. They get oats and lots of hay, so hopefully even with the rough start they will start growing like weeds now.
Thats all I have... I am so excited for dead week and finals week to be over with. Wish me good luck on finals! I won't post till I get back home in Corvallis, as I will be far too busy at "home home" relaxing. :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

We have named him Sid!

"Lucky Lop's Abraham", now named "Sid" is here! We just picked him up... thanks to Tricia & Vanessa & mom for picking him up from the CA St. Convention show, and to Susie for letting me have him! :) He will be a great addition to our place.

Right now he is growing some wool back on him and going to let him settle in before I breed Roxy to him. Roxy will be headed home in a couple of weeks and will remain there probably until the later half of spring term... we'll see how things go. With my current living situation, we just can't have two bunnies, so Sid will stay here.

I did hear back from my parents that two of Maid Dignified's babies passed away. The foster mom wasn't producing enough milk for my piggish babies, but now the remaining are on KLH milk replacer and hopefully when they get on pellets they will just be going home and getting lots of oats and grass hay. It's been a long journey for them into this world.

Kristie's are still doing well. I can't wait to go home and see them!!

Week 9 has started... I am SO ready for this term to be over with! On the happy side of things, I am only taking 15 credits next term, so I will be a lot stressed out... and will have a lot more time on my hands. :)