Monday, March 8, 2010

11 days until Home!

My oh my am I exhausted! School has just ripped me apart these last few weeks, combined with work and all of my other activities when next Thursday evening rolls around there will be reason to celebrate! I am most definitely excited for a break, and not ready to start another 10 weeks, even though it will be a very good 10 weeks (I hope!). I am starting my new job (working at the university meat center) as a TA for 3 classes and working regularly the other 3 days of the week. I am done lambing, so no more waking up early!

Relating to rabbits.... first off, no I am not going to Myrtle Point next weekend; though many of my friends are, so I wish them good luck. I have 3 finals on Monday, so there is just no way I can afford to go.

I am fearing that I might have to re-home Sid, at least with one of my 4-H'ers. Potty training him has not been successful, with rising temps keeping him indoors is just no bueno! Plus I had to scrub off the walls as I don't think he sprays, but since he won't urinate in his box, he gets it on his feet and then flicks it off... Embarrassing I must say, but I don't know what else to do; I can't keep him outside. I am hoping I can convince the roommates to let Roxy have her litter here.... I will have to buy a bigger kennel, and figure out how this can work out!
Kristie has 8 of 9 babies. My parents sent me some pics, they look mostly like solid & broken chestnuts, though there might be some chins? That is the quality of phone pictures, but it does for now! I am so happy she is being a great mom, and I can't wait to see these little guys in person!

My dad picked up my remaining 4 of Maid Dignified & Dominic's babies. There are 2 blacks, a Chestnut and a Broken Black! I haven't had a Bkn Black in forever, so maybe this will just be the one! I don't know sexes, and I do have some pictures!! I am just so happy to see them home and in good hands now. They get oats and lots of hay, so hopefully even with the rough start they will start growing like weeds now.
Thats all I have... I am so excited for dead week and finals week to be over with. Wish me good luck on finals! I won't post till I get back home in Corvallis, as I will be far too busy at "home home" relaxing. :D

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