Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break!

Seattle, WA
Space Needle
LOVE the zoom on my camera.... that's my car (the silver one) from the top the Space Needle!

Started Friday morning :)
I went to WA to see my sister. We ended up going to Seattle for the day :)

Stopped on the way back & got a pair of Mini's from Amy :D

Sunday morning I left for home. Monday the lady who is buying my horse came over & I decided it was legit... no tears came. She won't be leaving right away, so that is good!

The rest of the week yielded work.... But I did get time with the bunnies!

My spring break was NOT long enough.... but I got my bunny fix & decided who I am going to show at Pear Blossom. Also culled the litters in half so I am still at a reasonable amount of bunnies :)

Registered a ton of rabbits yesterday... have to re-order & hope they get to me in time for the show.

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