Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby Bunnies

We have many baby bunnies in the barn right now. It is spring time and it is the best time to have rabbits, as we have blazing summers that are hard on the rabbits.
Cloey has 2 chestnut, 1 black/seal, 1 chin, 1 bkn chin, 1 bkn black/seal and 3 bkn blues.
Jenie has 1 bkn black/seal, 1 bkn chestnut, 1 seal, 1 chinchilla, 1 opal and 2 bkn blue chinchillas.
We will have pictures soon.
**UPDATE*** The colors are changing (darned shadeds!) Looks like we have some bkn smoke pearls, and a siamese sable!!! (from Jenie). Of Cloey's babies, we think she might have have some sable chinchillas.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

LHHR's new Grand Champions

This is Velotta's ReCurring Vision "Stitch". He is a chestnut buck, 7 months old who is now granded. He has won 3 Best of Breed, 1 Best Opposite of Breed & 1 Best Opposite of Variety. He is a proven stud. His first babies were just born with GC LHHR's Lil' Gigi!
This is LHHR's Lil' Hollister. He was born last January from one of our homebred does and a Milkhouse buck. He is a gold tipped blue steel. He has won a first of class and 2 Best Opposite of Breeds! He is a proven stud. His first babies were just born with GC C.C. Jenie!
This is Velotta's Boomer. We recieved Boomer last June from Nicole Velotta. He had been a "problem child" because he has a bob-tail. Sometimes it goes unnoticed and he places well and sometimes he gets DQ'ed for it. But last weekend he won a first of class to grand! He is a proven stud. His first litter out with Velotta's Milly, his daughter, Habanero, at 4 months has been burning up the show tables. She won BOSB last weekend at Emerald Empire and won BOB at Pear Blossom!

This Weekend's Results

On Friday evening the Rabbit Rally went well. We had over 55 youth from Central CA to Central OR come and compete.

Saturday went just as well. I clerked many breeds I did not know much about, I sold a few animals and got great placements.

Ilana - 1st x2
Sanetti - 1st x 2
Honey - DQ (overweight) & 2nd
Hollister - 3rd & BOSB!

Boomer -1st & DQ (bobtail)
MAD - 1st & BOB
Stitch - BOSB & 1st
Bridget - ? & BOV

Habanero - BOB & 1st
Peppercini - ???

WTG on Hab's BOB win, she is a 4 month old junior doe who has hit the show table with a bang! She will be a senior by Canby . . .

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Cloey kindled to 9 kits yesterday. 4 solids, 5 brokens. Plenty of color and dilutes. Cloey is a bkn opal doe, who BOB her first show out, but never gained the massiveness to compete well after that. She was bred to Hollywood Dun It, our chestnut Registered Grand Champion buck with 4 legs on him.
Jenie kindled to 8 kits today. There are plenty of color and dilutes. Jenie is a Registered Grand Champion doe, a BLACK with 7 legs! (most all for BOB/BOS). We decided to retire her this year and get some litters out of her. She was bred to Lil' Hollister, our bkn blue g. tp'd steel buck; he has 2 legs on him.
Northern Lights was also bred to Lil' Hollister, she is nesting. We expect her to have babies this evening.
Kaluah's two babies, the chestnut is a doe and the black is a buck. Gigi, Jessica & Brittney's litters are doing well.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

Emerald Empire was a great show! Thanks to EERBA for making it all possible!!!
My results:
Youth: Judge: Tom Keyes
Porky (Satin, BSB) Best of Breed
Dreamin (ML, SSD) DQ (broken tooth) :(
B.B. (ML, BSD) Best of Breed; Honorable Mention in Show!
Open: Judges: Cliff Dick (A) & Randy Shumaker (B)
Ilana (Satin, Red SD) Best of Variety x 2
Sanetti (Satin, Copper SD) 1st x 2
Honey (ML, SSD) DQ x 2 (overweight)
Hollister (ML, BSB) ??
Boomer (ML, BSB) 1st & 3rd
MAD (ML, BSD) BOSV & DQ (overweight)
Stitch (ML, SSB) ?? & Best of Breed!!!
Bridget (ML, SSD) ?? & ??
Habanero (ML, BJD) 2nd & Best Opposite of Breed!!!
Peppercini (ML, SJD) DQ (overweight)

We are ready for the Rabbit Rally & Pear Blossom this weekend! Check back for results!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just one week left!

Seems like when you are waiting for a show to come, the days go by slower and slower. Emerald Empire is creaping near though, and we are getting ever excited! We entered Ilana Sanetti, our satin does in the open show. We entered our buck Porky in the youth show. We entered ten mini lops. Eight in the open show. (Honey, Hollister, Boomer, MAD, Stitch, Bridget, Habanero and Peppercini). We entered Dream and B.B. in the youth show.

Our litters are growing! The Eight satins are together now due to some mothering issues. Gigi's litter, looks like two chestnut bucks, one blue chin buck and one doe. The doe being the bkn chestnut we hoped was a buck! And she has had a mild eye infection due to the weird weather. We are hoping it will have no permanent affects, as she looks very nice!!!
Kaluah has had some issues with her litter. In the process we lost two kits, leaving a chesntut and a black. They are nine days old now, so we are hoping the remaning two will be okay.

The rabbit rally plans are well underway. We have gotten quite a bit of interest in it and we should have the help to keep things running smooth.
The photo pictured is the bkn black satin buck we have decided to keep. We have named him "Midnight Madness".