Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just one week left!

Seems like when you are waiting for a show to come, the days go by slower and slower. Emerald Empire is creaping near though, and we are getting ever excited! We entered Ilana Sanetti, our satin does in the open show. We entered our buck Porky in the youth show. We entered ten mini lops. Eight in the open show. (Honey, Hollister, Boomer, MAD, Stitch, Bridget, Habanero and Peppercini). We entered Dream and B.B. in the youth show.

Our litters are growing! The Eight satins are together now due to some mothering issues. Gigi's litter, looks like two chestnut bucks, one blue chin buck and one doe. The doe being the bkn chestnut we hoped was a buck! And she has had a mild eye infection due to the weird weather. We are hoping it will have no permanent affects, as she looks very nice!!!
Kaluah has had some issues with her litter. In the process we lost two kits, leaving a chesntut and a black. They are nine days old now, so we are hoping the remaning two will be okay.

The rabbit rally plans are well underway. We have gotten quite a bit of interest in it and we should have the help to keep things running smooth.
The photo pictured is the bkn black satin buck we have decided to keep. We have named him "Midnight Madness".

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