Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby Bunnies

We have many baby bunnies in the barn right now. It is spring time and it is the best time to have rabbits, as we have blazing summers that are hard on the rabbits.
Cloey has 2 chestnut, 1 black/seal, 1 chin, 1 bkn chin, 1 bkn black/seal and 3 bkn blues.
Jenie has 1 bkn black/seal, 1 bkn chestnut, 1 seal, 1 chinchilla, 1 opal and 2 bkn blue chinchillas.
We will have pictures soon.
**UPDATE*** The colors are changing (darned shadeds!) Looks like we have some bkn smoke pearls, and a siamese sable!!! (from Jenie). Of Cloey's babies, we think she might have have some sable chinchillas.

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