Sunday, March 27, 2011


Finals ended! Kennewick show was GREAT! Definitely one I'd go back to. Tomato took 2nd in B and 1st in A of good sized competition (the 1st place in A was the BOB winner), so I am excited to have debuted her. The Martens took BOSB in both shows.

Spring break was NOT long enough. I did order my cages from KW and bred 4 does: Rylee, Wall E, Nemo and Isabella.

17 pending sales for the month of April, so lots of details lining up money and transports for WCC and Ohio Mini Convention.

Website is completely updated, and will likely remain where it is now, because I wont have much time on my hands as I start spring term tomorrow!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Since I have some down time ...

Week 9 ended on Friday. Tomorrow starts dead week and then a week of finals. I only have three, but they will all be painful. Plus, I have lots of projects and papers due on top of that in combination with everything else.

Saturday I went to a horse show instead of one of the 3 rabbit shows I could have gone to. It was a nice relaxing event but probably not good on my cold that I currently have.
Friday I picked up a little junior buck from Amy. The timing was perfect as Scott was coming down for Myrtle Point so I didn't even have to stress about finding transport or driving up there. He is out of Angel Dreams, a broken chocolate, who is out of Angel Wings, who was a LHHR Buster Blue daughter. I never kept anything from Buster, so I saw this opportunity to bring those lines back that I truly missed. This guy is a cutie, I decided to name him Ruben.
Matt, Tango and I checking on the heifers.
Our bull was sent back to the ranch this last week... That means breeding season is here :)
Our steers enjoying the "white stuff" during our city snowstorm.
Andd...... Denver. Was a great trip with three of the best people ever. We had so many great memories :)

Back to rabbits?

When I go home, I will try breeding Nemo to Zeus and Lettuce to Hank. Been meaning to get litters out of them.

Pyro, Maddy and Wintergreen get their boxes this week. I am hoping the Martens re-bred off their litters, because their first litters weren't all that impressive. I culled out a lot due to some early nest box problems, but I am left with some does to work with. I will be culling those litters and Brianna's litter of 8 when I head home for spring break...

which may not start till Monday, the 21st, possibly later. I also have to Powerwash and spring clean the barn, since I wont get to go home spring term, and it sounds like I may not be home for the summer.

so... look for some updates at the end of the month :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm still alive

Busy. An underestimated word of my life, currently.

The rabbits --

I am getting Zeus back on Friday. :) Also on Friday I am picking up a junior buck from WA.

Got 2 Martens and a ML due next week.

Decided to head to the Kennewick show the Saturday after spring break. So I'm currently excited for that :)

Got a lot for sale to send to Ohio Mini Convention or West Coast Classic in Reno, Nevada.