Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Those we have touched

I was recently searching for a rabbit I sold, and as I am going through pages and pages of records, I have realized that I have bought/sold a lot of rabbits over the years. I have record about 500 rabbits since I started raising rabbits!
Most of them I remember vaguley, some I remember quite well or are still in contact with.

People I've bought rabbits from:
  • Stephanie Danielle (MR) - Oregon
  • Jill Pfaff (DT) - Oregon
  • Sheri Fields (DT) - Oregon
  • Luci Hissey (MR, HL) - Oregon
  • Alison Young (ML) - Oregon
  • Nancy Koertje (HL) - Oregon
  • Bethany Brown (ML) - Washington
  • Gavin Dinnel (MR) - Oregon
  • Jenn Rose (ML) - Canada *Gave me my wonderful start in Mini's!
  • Kim Sugden (MR) - Oregon
  • Rebecca Doyle (ML) - Washington
  • Kate Roberts (ML, ND) - Oregon
  • Shauna Ferren (HL) - Oregon
  • Ashlee Brenden (ML) - Oregon
  • Andre Von Arx (ML) - Oregon *Ollie, Julie, Paul Jenie came from Andre!
  • Qadoshyah Fish (ML) - California
  • Chelsea Pendo (ML) - California
  • Leanna Hopkins (FL) - California
  • Nicole Velotta (ML) - Washington *Renee, Stitch, Bridget, Neilson, Drizzt, Boomer, Dean!
  • Brandi Debbs (ML) - Oregon
  • Crystal Wisdom (ML) - California
  • Jenny Kohler (FL) - California
  • Lisa Davis (ML) - Washington *Honey, Mojave & Cloey!
  • Roger Hassenpflug (ST) - Oregon *Gave me my wonderful start in Satins!
  • Cori Gentry (ML) - California
  • Jess Wight (ML) Canada
  • Melissa Magee (ST) - California *Sold me Porky!
  • Val O' Neil (ML) - New Hampshire
  • Elaine Fenton (ST) - California

People I've sold rabbits to:

  • Garret & Karrie ? (ML) - Oregon
  • Jaculine Sundin (MR) - Oregon *where most of my Mini Rex went....
  • Len Harold (DT) - Oregon
  • Kelley Yarnell (ML) - Washington
  • Joan Boriak (HL) - Oregon
  • Rachel Portune (ML) - Washington
  • Holly W. (MR) - California
  • Denay Newcomer (MR) - Oregon
  • Lee Harold (MR) - Montana
  • Alison Young (MR, ML) - Oregon
  • Kathy Green (MR) - Washintgon
  • Sunshine Patron (MR) - California
  • Stephanie Watkins (MR) - Oregon
  • Crystal Wisdom (ML) - California
  • Rebecca Doyle (ML) - Washington
  • Rachel Turner (ML) - California
  • Jenease Lefore (ML) - Washington
  • Stacey ? (ML, HL) - California
  • Deb Loftis (MR) - Oregon *owns Paradise, GC with 5 legs!
  • Kendra Gill (ML) - Oregon
  • Krystal? (ML) - Oregon
  • Alyssa ? (ML) - Texas
  • Lynne Dechert (ML) - Oregon *bought Impeccable Holly!
  • Lora Woods (ML) - Nevada
  • Kylea Renfro (ML) - Oregon
  • Pam W. (ML) - California
  • Sarah L. Huiller (ML) - California
  • Teri Reymann (ML) - California *Has most of my good Mini's!
  • Yvette Lowrey (ML) - Oregon *Bought Marcus & Milo!
  • Christina Topft --> (ML) - Thailand *Bought Briana, our first GC!
  • Mike & Leslie Petersen (ML) - Washington *Have bought several animals, inc. Dean, Alex, Seattle Skyline & Minnow!
  • Ariel ? (ML) - Oregon
  • Shem Baker (FL) - Utah
  • Willow Swenson (ML) - Oregon
  • Diane Walker (ND) - Oregon
  • Emily Brown (ML) - Washington *Bought Milly!
  • Cathy Farley (ML) - Oregon
  • Barbara Culbertson (ML) - California
  • Mary Blakenship (ST) - Oregon
  • Bob & Kelley Tapp (ML) - California
  • Cori Gentry/Georgia Williams (ML) - California
  • Abby Toreson (ML) - California
  • Diana Mortensen (ML) -California
  • Joy Ekstrom/Jenn Hibbs (ML) - California *Bought MacKinley!
  • Stacey & Lacey Jackson (ML) - California *Owns Swimmer!
  • Ken & Hannah Henry (ML) - Ohio *Bought Boomer!
  • Jessica & Kira Foster (ML) - New Jersey
  • Bobbie & Charles Propp (ML) - Oregon
  • Alicia Trickett (ML) - Massachussetts
  • Joan Williamson (ST) - Oregon
  • Val O' Neil (ML) - New Hampshire
  • Larry Walthorn (ML) - Michigan
  • Dallas Page (ML) - Oregon
  • Noel ? (ML) - California
  • Tracey Roberts (HL) - Oregon
  • Jenny ? (ML) - Oregon
  • Tanner Bradbury (ML) - Utah

Monday, January 21, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Well, we haven't been able to update our site since the end of December. I was able to make an update at school, which told me the problem was MY computer.

I had recently done an update on AOL, so I assumed that was the origin of the problem, but I didn't know what it was or how to fix it.

So I let it sit, hoping that the problem would "resolve itself" but with the needed updates growing bigger and bigger, I went to TroubleShooting this morning and read all the info. I followed all the steps. I downloaded Java, even though I already had it, and I turned off pop up blocker.

I tried again and.... It worked!

So I was able to update a few pages, my computer crashed and THEN when I went to upload the login would fail. So then I had to go through a million other steps to fix that problem.

So I am able to update again, cross your fingers that it lasts so I can share all my new stuff! Look for updates in a few hours.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taco Man and Miss Sour Cream

"Taco Man" - Orange VM Buck, DOB 11/2/07

"Miss SourCream" - BEW Doe - DOB 11/2/07
*pictures on 1/20/08


Renee x Mr. Miami
1 black agouti (chestnut or chinchilla)
1 blue agouti (blue chin or opal)
1 blue/steel
2 bkn blue agouti (blue chin or opal)

This is the showable broken... It has milk-tipped ears right now. I hope they stay that way!
Gigi x Exclusively Roman
1 black agouti (chin or chestnut)
1 blue agouti (opal or blue chin)
1 blue/steel
1 bkn black
1 charlie black agouti (chin or chestnut)
2 bkn black agouti (chin or chestnut)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Bunnies

RD's Murphy's Law (Reg, Tri) X RD's Fireside (Brk Orange)
Orange Junior Buck
"RD's Plank Hero"

Velotta's Teddy (Reg, Chestnut) X RD's Impossible Dream (Choco/Orange Tri)
Lynx Junior Doe
"RD's Kallie"
Yes, you must be asking why I am bringing in new bunnies when I have been trying to reduce my herd. I promise there is a reasonable explanation. I sell two rabbits, I bring home two rabbits. Therefore I am still on the same square, while helping out another breeder bring in new lineage, and myself, bring in new colors. Rebecca's pair will leave next Friday, and I will get my pair after the St. Helens show.
And on an even brigther note, I got Velotta's Bridget bred today!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cold temperatures bring new litters!

Gigi had 7 babies to Exclusively Roman on Jan. 15th!
Renee had 5 babies to Mr. Miami on Jan. 16th!
Honey had 8 babies to Drizzt on Jan 18th!

Horray for live, healthy warm litters!

I forgot to mention I bred Klara to Stitch last week.

Bridget will be bred to Drizzt tomorrow.... (hopefully)

that's all the updates I have for now....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Website update!?

Dec 31st was the last time I was able to update my website on my laptop. I logged into one of the library hall computers and I was able to update, but I didn't have a lot of time, nor did I have any of my pictures! I don't know why it's doing this. Geocities has worked awesome for the 6 months I've had it! At any rate, last weekend I got pictures, and I have been meaning to put them up. Some are from our last shoot, but we tried getting many updated ones. :)

Velotta's ReCurring Vision "Stitch" - Chesnut Sr. Buck
Grand Champion, 10 legs
Stitch is our "old man" of the barn. He is only a year and a half old, but he has earned 6 BOB and 4 BOS in one year of showing open. He will retire here at LHHR and continue making babies for us. He is dad to LHHR's Miami and LHHR's Down In Kokomo. His opal daughter also picked up 3 legs at her first shows. His son Ashton won his 1st leg in WA.
LHHR's One Hot Innovation - is aChestnut Sr. Buck
OHI is a promising buck. He placed 2nd in a larger class of SJB's last month. He has a lot going for him and great genetics. We cannot wait to get him up on the tables in the spring.
LHHR's Exclusively Roman
ER has developed nicely! This picture does him no justice however is the most recent. He is following in his sire & dam's footsteps as far as typewise and picked up some 2nds last month. His 1st litter is on the way! LHHR's Lil' Gigi is due 1/15. (kindled 7 kits)
LHHR's Taco Man - VM Orange Jr. Buck
Taco is the buck we got from Klara. We cannot show him because he is Vienna Marked, so he will sit here until he can breed. Type is lacking in the BEW project, but that is why we brought them from Convention, it's something we wanted to work on.
LHHR's Buster Blue - Bkn Blue Sr. Buck
Buster isn't very photogenic. However he placed 11th at Convention! He has nice type and very nice head and crown. If I must note, his markings are amazing! He may show this spring, if not we are excited to get babies from him!
LHHR's Mist At Dawn - Bkn Blue Sr. Doe
Grand Champion, 4 legs
MAD is no longer on the showtable because of her loose flesh, but she still shows her nice features. We are trying to get her re-bred after she lost her litter of 9 to Miami. Too bad her & Buster don't match up type wise, other wise I would breed them for markings alone!
LHHR's Habanero - Bkn Chestnut Sr. Doe
Grand Champion, 8 legs
Habanero took the show tables from March-August (taking July off). 3 BOB, 3 BOS, and 2 BOSV of large wins account to her name. At Crescent City she sustained a leg injury, which ended her career, and ultamitely affects how she poses today. We are trying to get her bred.
LHHR's Easy Summer Breeze - Steel Sr. Doe
1 GC leg
ESB has been a favorite since a young junior. She was so promising, we took her to Crescent City where she placed 2nd, and took her to National Convention in Michigan. She placed 17th! This picture does her no justice, she really needs to work on her table manners. She took November off and we showed her at Red Bluff where she took Best of Breed of 70 Mini Lops as a junior. We bumped her up to the Senior Doe class and she took a 2nd & 3rd in large classes. We look forward to showing her in the spring.
LHHR's Maid Dignified - Bkn Chestnut Sr. Doe
2 GC legs
MD was a last minute plan as we wanted more babies from her sire, Boomer, before he left for convention. Remarkably, we got a stunning junior doe from the cross! We showed her at Red Bluff where she took BOV and 1st of class! We cannot wait to show her this spring.
FD's Klara - VC Chestnut Sr. Doe
Klara is the start of our BEW project. She traveled from New Hampshire, to Michigan, to California and finally to Oregon! She kindled a litter for us. Currently bred to Velotta's ReCurring Vision for a litter for TYPE, and potential BEW carriers.
LHHR's Miss SourCream - Blue Eyed White Jr. Doe
Sour Cream is a semi-decently typed doe. She has a lot of ear control, narrow crown and head, with a few body flaws. What we got is what we got though and we will work with it. We are waiting for SC to get old enough to breed and we will breed her to our best buck, and those kids will carry BEW.
Velotta's Renee - Bkn Steel Sr. Doe
Grand Champion, 4 legs
This doe was 6th at ARBA Convention 06' in Texas. We were very happy to purchase Renee when Nicole put her up for sale. We got a very nice litter from Renee in June and we currently are trying to get another! She kindled to LHHR's Mr. Miami on 1/16; 5 kits This is her 4th litter.
LHHR's Mr. Miami - Blue Chinchilla Sr. Buck
Grand Champion, 6 legs
Mr. Miami is one handsome boy! We were estatic when we saw a blue chinchilla in the litter, and not to mention did he grow up to have nice type! Miami ate up his legs from June-September. Most notably his BOB's and honorable mention in show. He was also BOS at Oregon State Convention his 1st show out!
LHHR's Down In Kokomo - Chestnut Sr. Doe
Grand Champion, 3 legs
1 Best in Show
Kokomo is a very nicely typed doe! She has had limited showing though. She won BOB in June, where she also won Best In Show. In B she won BOB and honorable mention in show. She won BOS at our County Fair. We took her to National Convention and she placed 19th SSD! Kevin Hooper said if her condition wasn't soft he would have placed her higher. Kokomo is waiting in line to get bred.
Milkhouse's Heavenly Honey - Chestnut Sr. Doe
2 GC legs
Honey should be named Miss Stubborn. She had a litter last December, a healthy litter of 9. We weren't totally impressed with the litter so we sold everything. Since, we have tried to grand her and have had no success in getting her bred. We stuck her in with Drizzt for a week, hopefully one of those days she took! She kindled on 1/18; 8 kits.
LHHR's Lil' Hollister - Bkn Blue Steel Sr. Buck
Grand Champion, 6 legs
We were keeping this buck in condition to show this spring, but we have recently decided he may be taken off the show team. He's done his work on the table, 4 BOS and 2 1st in class at state convention. He's produced well for us, including Buster who was 11th at convention, and Blue Daiquiri who was 25th at convention.
LHHR's Lil' Gigi - Bkn Chestnut Sr. Doe
Grand Champion, 5 legs
Lil' Gigi is going for her 4th litter. She has produced well for us, and we cannot be more happier to be blessed with this stunning doe! She is mom to Miami, Kokomo and Maid Dignified. She has offspring in Cali and Utah, we are waiting to hear results of those offspring! Kindled to 5 kits on 1/16!
Velotta's Drizzt - Chestnut Sr. Buck
Grand Champion, 4 legs
1 Reserve in Show
Drizzt was 9th at ML Nationals 2005 in Maryland. He also has a Reserve in Show at the Puyllap State Fair. Drizzit is currently producing babies for us here.
Velotta's Bridget - Chestnut Sr. Doe
2 GC legs
Bridget is a very nicely typed doe who has shown well here at LHHR, just couldn't grab that 3rd leg. Her pedigree consisits of all RGC's (except 1) and she is out of two stunning animals. I am trying to get a litter from her right now. Bred to Velotta's Drizzit on 1/19.
*post edited on 1/19/08

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

2007 ended well. I stayed up the entire night... not just to take down the x-mas tree or celebrate, but I had to submit my fafsa shortly after midnight, which was insane I might add. Simply, it's done. I fell asleep somewhere around 2, woke up at 7 to feed the horses and went back to bed!

I spent the day cleaning the rabbit barn, and am no wheres near done. Basically I cleaned and arranged the cages I want to sell, swept, got rid of some manure (but still have many trays to dump) I will most likely get the rest of it done tomorrow if it does not rain. All the bunnies are happy and looking good. I wish there were more shows this time of year, it's when my animals look the best!

Klara gets her box tomorrow. We are hoping she took to Hollywood, but with our luck lately, we are really not sure. Renee, Gigi, Honey & Bridget are due on the 15th, so we may have some babies hopping around soon!