Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

2007 ended well. I stayed up the entire night... not just to take down the x-mas tree or celebrate, but I had to submit my fafsa shortly after midnight, which was insane I might add. Simply, it's done. I fell asleep somewhere around 2, woke up at 7 to feed the horses and went back to bed!

I spent the day cleaning the rabbit barn, and am no wheres near done. Basically I cleaned and arranged the cages I want to sell, swept, got rid of some manure (but still have many trays to dump) I will most likely get the rest of it done tomorrow if it does not rain. All the bunnies are happy and looking good. I wish there were more shows this time of year, it's when my animals look the best!

Klara gets her box tomorrow. We are hoping she took to Hollywood, but with our luck lately, we are really not sure. Renee, Gigi, Honey & Bridget are due on the 15th, so we may have some babies hopping around soon!

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