Monday, December 24, 2007

"Show withdrawls"

This year and last year I had the wonderful chance to attend nearly any show I wanted to as long as I had the money and a good showing. Currently, we are on a 3 month waiting for our next show. We cannot fathom going to Frozen Friends, so Emerald Empire will be our next show.

But we have to get used to the lack of shows, it's not all what we are in it for anyways. I want to continue registering rabbits, and to hopefully go on to earn my judges license in a couple of years.

And yet the story is a few years back, I told myself I would never become a registrar, or even think about becoming a judge. What changed? and why?

I am not really sure, but I do know that raising rabbits is a wonderful hobby full of awesome people. It surely is not showing other animals (horses and dogs to start off with!). There are so many awesome people I love talking to and many others I look up to. There is always room for advancement, something to work on, people to meet, new shows to attend and at the least, there is always room for having fun.

Today started out all right. We finished delivering cookies to our neighbors, which turned into a fiasco really, but at the least was fun and heartwarming.

Later tonite we plan to go look at all the christmas lights :) And I will be busy with the kids as they wait for Santa.

happy holidays!

*pictured above is LHHR's Maid Dignified, who earned her first 2 legs at Red Bluff and will continue her show career next year :)

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