Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog Readings

Every evening I take time out after getting online to read my bunny friend's blogs. It is always neat to stay in the loop of what is going on outside of my district.

This evening I was on SunnyBrook's blog and she posted the passing of Adson :( Adson was a prime star for a lot of people's rabbitry, not just Nicole's, but Kim & Cristina's and mine as well. Gigi, Renee & Bridget are all sired by Adson. Adson is also the sire or related to in some way all of the animals I have from Nicole. And of those animals, I have kids and soon grandkids from these animals. He truly was a stunning animal who left this bunny world too soon. May his kids pass his name on.

Other blogs of interest are Betty Chu's blog, which I have been a reader of since it's start. She always has interesting stuff to post, and it's not always about her rabbits, or even rabbits, but people who raise rabbits and their hobbies as well! Currently she post's Allen's reportings from Africa, so we all know he is still doing well.

Steve Machado has the Rabbit Shows and Winners blog. The winners are generally from District 2 but he tries to include everyone. Including pictures and breed winners from all of the shows. Red Bluff Results are now up with pictures!

I should also mention that I got my Domestic Magazine yesterday. I appreciate all the new stuff they are incorportaing into it, pictures and results! Yearbook also came a couple weeks ago and that is completely updated as well!

I will try to find the time sometime soon to post some more blogs!

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