Saturday, December 1, 2007

Beaver Spirit

I sent my Red Bluff entry in today. I am showing 8 animals in open and 2 in youth. To get this off my chest, 3 are overweight. Did I do that on purpose? Well, they are in such good condition and un-noticeable that I decided to take the risk. If they get weighed, oh well.

Teri called shortly after I got home from 4-H training. Her van was too full of bunnies to pick up the ones she wanted. So... they will be here a lil while longer but it's not like we're that desprate to get rid of them, there are still a couple juniors in there I'd like to look at further. I also get more time to clean the barn, since I did absolutely none of that today like I had originally planned! I also need to get some does bred, Gigi lost her litter and MAD simply didn't kindle at all, and I needed the babies from Hollywood. Just my share of bad luck though. The ones I am showing look good, I love it how coats are just in prime here in December. They have almost a sheen to them because some of them are just so plush and perfect!

The catalog for Frozen Friends is out. Quite frankly, I would love to attend, but I don't see myself making the trip... All the best judges are there and well, I may just have to wait until Corvallis. :) I will miss my buds up there though....

The horse I've been looking at...... I got word back from Rex's owners that he had his first "official" lesson this morning by Jason Acosta. I took the very first ride on him on Saturday and it was just amazing! He is so smooth and responsive, not to mention tall! He's 16.3hh and only 3 1/2 years old. He will remain in training until Spring Break, where I will decide if he can/will go onto be my OSU equestrian team mount! He has a lot to learn, but is a quick learner. I will have more to update on that in the months to come.

I also got word back from Benton county 4-H extention office. I can become a 4-H leader if I go through all the training, references, ect! I am so excited, as this is what I have wanted to do! I loved being in 4-H and being president/Junior Leaders/Leader conferences/camp counseling + I have learned a lot of skills and I hope they have a rabbit position for me. If not I will take one of the other animal areas I have experienced, so wish me good luck!

And if by now you are wondering what my title means, today was the Civil War game between Oregon State University and University of Oregon. Since becoming a OSU Beaver, I felt the "need" to watch this game! I never really cared about my HS football team (even though we had a really good team!) and rarely ever watch NFL games, but this was different. It's a "must" to being a student I suppose.
Anyways, Oregon State WON in double overtime 38-31 and it was a very good game :)

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