Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That Christmas Feeling...

Well, I realized that tomorrow is the 20th.... I realized that Chrismtas is RIGHT around the corner and I haven't done anything. I mean... nothing! I have just been too busy! School and family have been occupying most of my time... Mike has a job right now (which reminds me that I need to get one!) and I am also still in the midst of doing 4-H and becoming a leader.

I just don't have that "buzzly christmas feeling" you get around the holidays..... And I don't know if that is a bad thing, I just haven't had time to land. I plan to go christmas shopping on Friday.... and if not Friday I will post-pone it to Saturday night. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be making christmas cookies for all of our close neighbors. It is a tradition that our neighborhood has done since I was just a small kid, and I feel the need to contiune this, even if it means staying in the house hard at work.

The bunnies are doing good. In this nasty weather I manage to quickly feed and water, do some minor head scritching but I rarely find the urge to do anything else. I would DIE for some nice semi-warm spring weather right now, anything but what we have!

If I get lucky, I may have some litters coming along! Klara should be almost 2 weeks along and Bridget & Honey are still in with Drizzit. I figure I will remove them in a couple days, atleast give them a week for something to happen!

I hope to get some riding time in. My horse thinks I have neglected her as all I have had time for is feeding/watering and minor grooming. Maybe I will take some pics of Katie and Sierra (the young girl who needs horse therapy for her legs) when she comes over to ride.

until then, Happy Holidays! :)

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