Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Am I crazy?

As I have started on my "rabbit show chores" getting mainly the easy stuff done, I am sitting here wondering why I put myself through all of this.

First off I came home this afternoon. On my way I picked up 6 carriers from my old 4-H leader who was very generous to let me use them! Luckily they were already cleaned and filled, so I didn't have to add them to my list of my own to do!

I went to the bank and got some money... which I will need for gas, lodging, and food.

I came home, I lunged my horse, put her away and fed/watered the animals. I need to go out and get the rabbit food ready we will use for the show, and I need to breed some animals! Not just for myself, but some co-op breedings as well! I also need to make cage tags, stuff carriers with hay, get the chairs, sawhorses and boards. Among that I still need to get my pedigrees in order, grab my standard..... and PACK! I forgot about that part.

We are leaving in the morning. We will drive down to the Bay area to deliver some rabbits, then drive back up to Stockton and spend time with family. It's been a year since I have seen my cousins (we did the Red Bluff Family trip last year!) so it will be good just to breathe. We will spend all day Friday there. Saturday we will leave around 5 AM for Red Bluff and spend the rest of our weekend showing and we will come home on Monday in the daylight.

So.... looking forward to a long weekend.

Wish us luck!

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