Monday, December 10, 2007

Red Bluff

We traveled down 1-5 on Thursday. We got stuck in 5:30 Sacramento traffic and I can now recall why we moved to Oregon. Dropped off a few bunnies and went to Stockton.
Spent all day Friday with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Was really good to see them! Friday night, proved for about an hour of sleep. Woke up at 3 AM to leave for Red Bluff.

Saturday went well. I spent most the time running around as I was doing about 3-4 things at once all day.

Stitch - BOB, his 10th leg!

RW5 - BOB, her 1st leg!
LGB3 - BOV, her 1st leg!
Allen Ormand just LOVED these two!

Hollywood Dun it - 1st SSB! his 5th leg!
BP1 - 1st & BOSV 3 out of 4 shows
CRV - 1st 3 out of 4 shows

Sunday was decent. More 2nds and 3rds but very good comments none the less under Josh. RW5 was 2nd in the large class of SSD's and Kokomo was right behind her. LGB3 was also 1st. Under Randy, RW5 was 2nd or 3rd, she's still a junior, so being in a senior class didn't help her any. LGB3 was 1st.

Sunday, I was clerking with Courtney Lund and there was a man there making conversation. He was talking about how he got a really nice buck out of a raffle at this show last year. I asked him if he was a chin and he was like yeah, and I said Mojave? :) Mojave went to good owners who use him and LOVE him and his blue-chin daughter won BOB both shows Sunday!

So I suppose you could say that it was one of those shows where all the rabbits you have sold, or are a offspring of ones you sell, come back to kick you in the ass. Teri did really good with the ML's I have given her and now I know wher Mojave went to and that someone actually appreciates people who put GOOD rabbits in raffles :)

I got rid of my sold rabbits. Which is going to open up some holes in the barn, for sure.

Today I have to spend cleaning the barn and moving rabbits around and trying to get some does bred. If that is even possible this time of year.

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