Saturday, December 15, 2007


Two blogs in one day? Wow.... you're probably thinking that it is the holiday season and we have nothing better to do but to stay warm in the house, right?

Well I just wanted to post that I got 2 more does bred!!!

LHHR's Exclusively Roman #RW2 was acting really frisky this morning, so I decided to give him a doe. LHHR's Lil' Gigi, a bkn chesnut GC with 5 legs was a suitable choice. I also wanted to breed Velotta's Renee, *GC with 4 legs as the last litter she threw was just amazing! So I bred her to LHHR's Mr. Miami, *GC with 6 legs. Renee carries dilute so we should get dilute babies this time around!

Bridget and Honey are still in with Drizzit. I don't know why they have to be so stubborn!

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