Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winding down

After some unfortunate events this last week, I'm thankful for this post that I am winding down in the rabbit hobby. I decided that I will jump back in when the time is right. I have 15 rabbits left, 4 of these are sold, 2 are retired pets. This leaves 9 rabbits, and 6 of those are for sale currently.

I do have a few babies & juniors on the ground, and depending on how they turn out in the next few months we might keep one or two. I could never get completely out of rabbits, but under 10 is reasonable.

School is cranking out. This week is dead week, I have a lab final and two finals next week. Next Thursday I will be DONE! I'm probably going to wind up with a B in one of my graduate courses, but no complaints -- it was worth it. I am taking 2 classes in addition to my research credits to remain full time to stay working and in my clubs. Spring break I will begin to plan my summer and get things straightened out for graduation (June 16th!). It's just so hard to believe it's almost already spring break. ^.^