Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh no!

One may ask what a Holland Lop is doing on my blog, knowing my love for my Mini Lops & Satins. . . One of my fellow 4-H'ers decided to sell out of rabbits; busy life style and she wanted to devote her time to training dogs for the blind. She was a good rabbit raiser and wanted to find a deserving home for her Holland Lop buck. I told her I would take him in and find a good home for him.....right...Well I think I fell in love with this sucker, he is such a cute fella!!! He's been an awesome showmanship rabbit and also has some wins under him as well.... I'm tempted.... but those Mini Lops and Satins keep on telling me NOOOO!!!! We'll see. . .


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pacific Coast Results!

BOS: "Habanero" - Her 3rd jr leg, will be a senior next show!
BOSV: "Stitch"
B & C: (was actually happy to see consistent placings between 2 very different judges)
BOB: Mist At Dawn - Her 3rd BOB in a row, also 3rd & 4th legs.
BOS: "Stitch" - now has 6 legs!
A show I worked with Joy Ekstrom for my registrar's license. Not only was this my first show, but she had never worked with anyone before, so I think she was just as excited as I was. I probably could have done a lot better, but I certainly didn't make any huge boo-boos like dropping rabbits
B show I worked with Vern Palmblad. Was more of an interesting ordeal as he had me place and comment [several] ND classes, in which, I know very little about. I did however only sustain one bite from a *nasty* french lop buck that should have never been entered in a show anyways, live and learn, then get loves. So I got to work with Netherlands, English Lops, Americans, French Lops, American Fuzzy's, Dwarf Hotot's and Champagnes.
I do remember Show C, RIS was a EL by Judy Rossner and BIS was a bkn black Satin, although I am unaware of the owner. long weekend, sold a couple rabbits, had a ton of fun, good show, couldn't have asked for more. Canby is on the 19th, lookin forward to that FUN show!!!
[oh did I mention I *finally* got my results back from ARBA, I passed my test (of course!) and was able to work 2 shows this weekend because it was a triple, the A being Friday!]

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Since getting into the rabbit hobby I have always wanted to make business cards to further advertise my rabbitry. I came across a template today on my computer and am printing cards like crazy!!!!! Our profile picture (Habanero) is pictured on our business cards!

Myrtle Point "Dry your buns" Triple is this Friday and Saturday. I am getting very excited for the show. I entered:
Stitch; RGC, 4 legs - SSB
LGRV2; 1st show! - SJB (Friday only)
LGRV3; 1st show *SOLD* to Yvette - SJB (Saturday only)
Honey; 2 legs - SSD
Bridget; 2 legs - SSD
Boomer; RGC, 3 legs - BSB
MAD; 2 legs - BSD
Habanero; 2 legs - BJD
LGRV1; 1st show - BJD (Friday only)
And *if* ARBA gets my papers to me, I might be working this show. Although that is a pretty big *IF* right now..... lol. I might bring a couple animals to sell to try to make up for the trip's cost, but that's debatable right now.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sharing the cuteness! {with a splash of color}

This handsome boy needs a name! He is a bkn smoke pearl from C.C. Jenie (RGC Black, 7 legs) and LHHR's Lil Hollister (RGC Bkn Blue Steel, 3 legs). Such a personable and typey buck!
The bkn smoke pearl buck above and his bkn smoke pearl sister, another typey gal!
Look at this gourgeous trio of bkn blues from Milkhouse's Cloey (Reg. Bkn Opal, 1 BOB) x LHHR's Hollywood Dun It (RGC Chestnut, 4 legs). I know there is a buck and doe, but I forget what the 3rd one is. I am thinking of keeping them all at this point (atleast past 8 wks) and naming them Genuine Dun It, Hollywood Rapper and Smokin Blue Hollywood, all Hollywood Dun It offspring (the legendary horse).

High Quality photo for a High Quality Doe

LHHR's Booming Peppercini (Habanero's full sister)
Habanero got the show glory, but Peppercini is just as nice, only twice the size. She will never make it back on the show table becuase she is simply, genetically too large. Here she sits out side on our pond rocks. She is very photgeneic, sweet natured, and will make an awesome mom come senior age!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rendezvous on the Rogue

I had the great chance to attend the Oregon State 4-H Leaders Conference this weekend. This year they held it in Jackson County, at Crater High School. There was a BBQ and events on friday evening, and Saturday was all the fun. The morning started out with commissioner CW Smith giving a speech. Then to Roger Rennekamp, 4-H program leader for Oregon State. This event included leaders, agents and teen leaders from all counties of Oregon. There were educational classes throughout the day, from different projects, to making meetings more worth, and then the more random classes (robotics, podsharing, quilting, more....) There was even a rabbit hopping class!!! I had a super time, and in the afternoon, we took a tour and visited the crater rock museum... very interesting. If you missed it this year, make plans to attend next years meet!

Friday, April 13, 2007

And they are ALL . . .

Okay, not all bucks, but nearly all darned's worth.
Cloey x Hollywood
*Bkn Black Doe
Black Buck
Chin ?
Bkn Chin Buck
Chestnut Buck
Chestnut Buck
*Bkn Blue Buck
*Bkn Blue ?
*BknBlue ?
Jenie x Hollister
*Bkn Black Buck
Bkn Black Steel Buck
Seal Buck
Chin Doe
Opal Buck
*Bkn Smoke Pearl Doe
*Bkn Smoke Pearl Buck
Even though I got a lot of bucks, I am super impressed with the quality of these guys. The litter of 9, on whole are lil' smaller than the litter of 7, but that was a large litter for the doe to be raising, she did one good job. The * denotes which ones I will be keeping past 8 weeks. The other ones will go, I like them, but I have people calling and e-mailing for rabbits, hopefully they will want some bucks, lol!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oops {she} did it again

Brittney is a second time mom! She kindled 9 kits on Friday!!! 3 broken and 6 solids! Porky is the daddy! Brittney was in the #1 meat pen last year at county fair. Her mom was Sarah Jessica. Brittney won BOB at Red Bluff, CA in December!!! She comes from some of the best lines in the west.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Royalty/Achievement/Management Apps

Well. Last year, I had a *horrible* experience with royalty. Not the actual royalty itself, but the people that revolved around it and the events that occured that weekend. I told myself I would never do it again.

And here I am.

I have downloded and printed off the applications, and I am *IMPRESSED* with the boosted quality, and I am *excited* for this event! Last year they just had royalty, but this year they have added achievement and management contests as well. This year I plan to get more sleep, eat and relax, three things I did not do before royalty which led to all the crappy things that occured, lol. Some of the questions have really got me thinking....... so, I will let you know how it is going, right now I am off to do some calculations for it!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Random April thoughts

We have decided our show list for Myrtle Point Triple 4/27-28. We are not sure how things will work out when I am working for my registrar's license, I can always have my dad show them, but he is not too savy on the ML classes.... lol. We will be showing Stitch, Honey, Bridget, MAD, Peppercini, and Habanero. We may throw in another closer to the due date. I am in the process of deciding who I will work with at Myrtle Point. Vern P and Lynn Eden will be judges, I guess those are always good canidates. Babies are doing well. We kept 3 Satin juniors for a while. The bkn blue doe from Jessica and the bkn black doe & bkn copper buck from Brittney. Gigi's babies are still doing well. Kaluah's two are doing fine, very curious critters! Jenie and Cloey's babies are growing by the day and there is a *variety* of color in those two boxes! Brittney is nesting, due tomorrow to Porky. We are expecting a bigger litter this time. School is coming to an end, shortly. We have just ended third quarter with 9 more weeks to go. I am doing well though and am excited for some free time, although am not excited for the summer weather that will be brought to the bunnies.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Registrar's Test

Some of you may ask what a youth member is doing by going for her registar's license, or why I would be even granted one in the first place. The idea started long before my "spark". I had always considered pursuing it, and even came close to going for it early last summer. But, I dropped the idea as soon as it came to me. Upon fair 2006, before I had won Grand Champion Showman or Judge, or had both the Reserve in Show winners in open and 4-H, Vern Palmblad had told me to go for it, he knew I would be a good candidate for it. And so I did. I requested a application, I got my 20 signatures at the Crescent City show just two weeks later, and I sent it in. Now, that was the easy part! The hard part was GETTING me to study! I am not a person who studies for my school tests or exams and I get by with good grades, but I do not know how. So, upon winter vacation I told myself I needed to get my butt in gear. I had joined a yahoo group for others pursing the same thing I was, and I got some helpful tips on how to study. I didn't really get the nerve to study until the first of Feburary. I had gotten a Registar's Study Guide from ARBA. Now, it did not help me entirely, BUT it gave me the DESIRE to study. As I said to my examining judge, the SOP is "uncomfortable" with all that information on those breeds I don't raise or have never saw! Yet the Registrar's Study Guide is "comfortable". It's notebook size, and pretty durable. I would take mine to school with me and when I got some extra time I would take it out and study. And my best suggestion is to use the SOP and the study guide together. They work well that way. (and can find some mistakes too ;)) So I studied for a month. And I was wanting to take my test before June, but I said screw that, I am ready NOW!
I was able to take my test on April 1st. I am confident I did very well (only two questions stumped me, I got one right and the other I was completely opposite!). The oral test was rather easy. I got to give comments on a young black satin and I got to tattoo a young bkn blue satin. I was also able to get one my of Satin does bred and gaze at Roger's beautiful barn of Satins (oh I did not mention my examaning judge was Roger Hassenpflug!!!). So I am just waiting for my results to come back. Counting my chickens before they are hatched, I have 4 shows planned out. Myrtle Point 4/27-28, Canby 5/19 and Portland 5/26. All are shows I have never attended before, so it shall be nice and I am excited for them! I also have some beautiul Mini Lops that I will have my father show for me. I will post more with my test results and possibly more info on becoming a registrar.