Sunday, April 22, 2007


Since getting into the rabbit hobby I have always wanted to make business cards to further advertise my rabbitry. I came across a template today on my computer and am printing cards like crazy!!!!! Our profile picture (Habanero) is pictured on our business cards!

Myrtle Point "Dry your buns" Triple is this Friday and Saturday. I am getting very excited for the show. I entered:
Stitch; RGC, 4 legs - SSB
LGRV2; 1st show! - SJB (Friday only)
LGRV3; 1st show *SOLD* to Yvette - SJB (Saturday only)
Honey; 2 legs - SSD
Bridget; 2 legs - SSD
Boomer; RGC, 3 legs - BSB
MAD; 2 legs - BSD
Habanero; 2 legs - BJD
LGRV1; 1st show - BJD (Friday only)
And *if* ARBA gets my papers to me, I might be working this show. Although that is a pretty big *IF* right now..... lol. I might bring a couple animals to sell to try to make up for the trip's cost, but that's debatable right now.

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