Thursday, April 5, 2007

Random April thoughts

We have decided our show list for Myrtle Point Triple 4/27-28. We are not sure how things will work out when I am working for my registrar's license, I can always have my dad show them, but he is not too savy on the ML classes.... lol. We will be showing Stitch, Honey, Bridget, MAD, Peppercini, and Habanero. We may throw in another closer to the due date. I am in the process of deciding who I will work with at Myrtle Point. Vern P and Lynn Eden will be judges, I guess those are always good canidates. Babies are doing well. We kept 3 Satin juniors for a while. The bkn blue doe from Jessica and the bkn black doe & bkn copper buck from Brittney. Gigi's babies are still doing well. Kaluah's two are doing fine, very curious critters! Jenie and Cloey's babies are growing by the day and there is a *variety* of color in those two boxes! Brittney is nesting, due tomorrow to Porky. We are expecting a bigger litter this time. School is coming to an end, shortly. We have just ended third quarter with 9 more weeks to go. I am doing well though and am excited for some free time, although am not excited for the summer weather that will be brought to the bunnies.

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